Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Full of Grace

1. Not being in the hospital for Christmas.  It is so good to be home, sleeping in my own bed, cuddling with my fur balls, and once the drain was out, feeling well enough to eat an indecent amount of cookies and chocolate and fudge. 

I know I have been saying I am grateful for being home for the last couple of weeks, but wow, all I could think of on Christmas were all those people spending their holiday in a hospital bed.

2. Having endured a couple of weeks of massive antibiotics, my entire digestive system was out of whack.  Normally I would counteract that with yogurt but my appetite for anything dairy (even ice cream!)  was repulsive.  Then Peachie found probiotics in a gummy bear form.   They saved me from all sorts of other nasties. And it was like eating candy.

3. Best xmas gift - Beaner gave me a cooking class where we will go and learn how to make Italian pastries together.  Time with my daughter, learning something new, and then eating cannolis.  Win, win, win.

4. Being able to Skype with two of my "adopted" daughters on Christmas, one in South Africa and the other in New Zealand. I have a love/hate relationship with technology but this is an amazing thing.

5. Recuperated enough that I am able to start the finishing trim work on the kitchen - which is saving me from Martha trying to do it.   Her attitude of  “good enough” is always in conflict with my perfectionist OCD on woodworking.   I like my miters to meet.  Perfectly.


  1. So, SO weird, I was just talking about cannolis the other day. I couldn't immediately recall the name of the most delectable treat. Cannolis should be part of everyday conversation. ;-)

    So, SO glad to hear / read you're feeling / doing better.

    Happy New Year.


    1. Happy New Year to you too!

      Maybe cannolis should be our WOTY : )

  2. This is all so warm and fuzzy that I'm just going to say, Yay!
    Have a safe and happy celebration of the New Year, dear 8.

    1. It was a warm and fuzzy kind of Christmas.

      Celebrating at home tonight with close friends. Safe and happy.

      Wishing all sorts of wonderful things in 2015!

  3. i am so glad things are looking up in every way you've described. i came to your blog tonight thinking about the start of a new year and the happenings in the year that will end. and i thought that meeting you will be a carry over gift from one year to the next :^)

    happy happy new year, ms. 8

    1. And someday we will meet in person and that will be a wonderful gift!

      Happy New Year to you too kj. May all your sorrows be behind you.

  4. I cannot believe you are working in the kitchen. That, my friend, is soooo you.

    I, too, am grateful that you did not spending Christmas in the hospital and are seeing the new year in at home, with the ones you love, furred and not.

    Cannolis! I need to learn how to make these because I know they're often made with lard, which I can't have. So I need a lard-free recipe. But: yum. (And cool way to spend time with your daughter.)

    Happy new year, 8th. Love to you!

    1. I really enjoy the woodworking part of the kitchen remodel. And we can almost see the finish line!

      If we get to keep recipes from this class I will definitely post them.

      Happy New year to you dear Em. Here's to a magical 2015!

  5. I laughed at your last remarks. Bing and I constantly bump heads on what is clean enough. I walk around with a dust rag and a can of Pledge and dust all wood in sight. Bing pulls out chairs and tables and dusts radiators and table legs and baseboards. She boasts that when she cleans, she REALLY cleans. Truthfully, I don't think you can tell the difference.

    Glad you are home....

  6. #3 sounds just wonderful to me.

    I suppose I shouldn't admit that I giggled like a middle schooler at "cuddling with my fur balls"?

  7. Happy New Year!!!