Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Full of Grace

I am still feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for all the wonderful care I received during my medical emergency.   Today I had a follow up CT scan and doctor’s appointment and I am particularly grateful that:

  • The scan went smoothly without the extremely painful dye infiltration that happened the first time around.

  • That the scan showed that everything is healing nicely.  I still have to have surgery in January to remove what remains of the appendix, but at least it will be done in a non-emergency situation after all the infection has been taken care of.

  • The drain has been removed.   As sexy as this might look, I had trouble sleeping with this stuck in my belly, I would catch the tube on stuff and almost rip out the stitches that held it in place,  clothing was impossible as everything rubbed on the insertion area, and well, it was just plain gross to walk around with a bag of blood and pus hanging from me.  

  • The doctor has given me clearance to go on the vacation with my daughters that was planned for the beginning of January.  I was very concerned that I would have to give it up, but the surgeon is willing to work around the dates.

  • In the last couple of weeks I have heard many horror stories about ruptured appendixes and long, long hospital stays and how I was so lucky.   I am most grateful that my body was healthy enough to overcome this latest onslaught so quickly   My body has been through so much trauma and yet it still gets back up and allows me to feel and see and taste and make love and climb mountains and to give love back.    I am both humbled and amazed at its resilience and forgiveness.  


  1. I am so glad that the drain is out! And that you get to keep your travel plans!
    All props to your body for healing so quickly.

  2. ditto what e said.

    and more oxoxoxox because one cannot have too many :-)

  3. What wonderful news!

    I hope you can now enjoy your holidays with family and friends.

    I will add a few more xoxoxoxox because the only daughter is right, one can never have too many : )

  4. That attitude of yours is golden. Great times ahead!


  5. Yay, all the way around! Especially great that the vacation doesn't have to be scuttled.