Friday, December 16, 2016

The Next/Best Two Weeks

This coming week we will be celebrating Beaner’s 25th birthday (wow, am I really that old!) with cake on her birthday and then traditional overeating at her favorite Italian restaurant a couple of days later when her sister gets home.

Tomorrow we are hosting a brunch for all 9 of her college housemates who are coming to help celebrate with her this weekend.  Over the years we have become very close to all of them and they feel like 9 bonus daughters.

We are also squeezing in a celebration for Peachie’s huge job promotion and Beaner’s boyfriend’s admittance into medical school.

Then, of course, all the food, family and friends that are our 4 day Christmas tradition of non-stop eating.

I am also looking a little bit forward because the following week I am going to New York City for this:

I scored great seats to her Broadway debut and I will be drooling.

But then I heard that this will also be in town:

So I will be going from the theater to this art installation (if my ‘weak in the knees’ legs will hold me)   

Afterward I will be eating here:

Image result for nutella cafe NYC

I can’t believe the first American Nutella Cafe opened in NYC just in time for me!

And hopefully we will have good enough weather to enjoy the amazing holiday windows on 5th Avenue

Although we will try to avoid the disaster that is happening at Trump Tower

And, as if all that weren’t enough, Martha and I are getting married the following day, which will be it’s own blogpost I’m sure.  Yes. Married. As in Legally Wedded!

So if you don’t hear from me in the next couple of weeks, know that I am busy enjoying a two week orgasmic experience of food and friends and family and Cate and my favorite city and Martha.  

It might be the best two weeks of my life.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Bug on the Rose

It’s been a month since the election and I still find myself saying “I can’t believe Americans have elected a Fascist”.  I am fearful of the evil and hate that is bubbling up, sadly even in isolated incidents in my progressive, blue state region.  I can’t imagine what is must be like in more conservative parts of the country.

Recently I attended a gardening seminar. The master gardener was very informative about how a garden was a complex system which needed to be tended through all seasonal cycles. Each part is highly dependent on the other.  Much of what he said could be a metaphor for our society but what struck me most was this statement:  

“The bug on the rose is evil, but so is the person who sees only the bug.”

Last Saturday the KKK had a rally in North Carolina where supporters gave the Nazi salute as a convoy of 30+ vehicles paraded down the main street, flying confederate flags.  Evil is now being openly paraded and cheered.  

The same day I went to a rally for love, planned to counter the North Carolina rally. Speeches about love and caring for our neighbors were given, plans were made to help protect those who may be targeted and we marched from one park to another, holding hand made signs that said “Peace on Earth” and “Love Forever”. One child held a sign that said “Mr.Trump, please be nice to others.”  


One of the organizers was a Muslim woman I know from my town who organizes birthday parties for homeless children. How beautiful is that?

America had an election and did not get what it expected but perhaps got what it deserved.  I think we have neglected our garden in many ways and we are now paying the price. Every day my news feed is filled with dramatic fear mongering and yes, we are facing a very evil threat to our environment, our people, our garden. We need to get back to work and eradicate the evil bug that has invaded.

But we also must not forget to appreciate and nurture the beauty that remains around us.  Nature still astounds and reminds us what we are fighting for. There are so many good people who work to protect the marginalized and so many neighbors who take care of their neighbors. For every instance of evil I read about, I see a hundred instances of love and beauty.  It gives me hope.

“The bug on the rose is evil, but so is the person who sees only the bug.”