Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Full of Grace

A lovely Thanksgiving - except for the Cowboys loss and I somehow missed the cranberry sauce when it was passed around.   But other than that a great day of food and laughter and family.

Sloppy kisses from a two year old.

Sipping Nutella hot chocolate (thanks Em) in a warm house and watching the snow fall.

And then warm temperatures.  We had gotten a foot of snow which I never got around to shoveling off the driveway because all my awake hours are spent on the kitchen.  But a couple of days of warm weather has taken care of it for me.

Ibuprofen.  This kitchen renovation is taking a serious toll on my body.  Ibuprofen and a sauna are the only thing enabling me to get up and moving in the morning.


  1. A co-worker was complaining (ok, whining) as to how her grandmother missed packing cranberry sauce in the to-go care package that the co-worker had packed for lunch.

    Oh yes, sloppy kisses, warmer temps, and ibuprofen.. . all the wins there are to win. :-)

    1. I know you should be grateful when someone else has prepared the meal (or packed a lunch) for you, but I couldn't help feeling disappointed about the cranberry sauce. I bought some the next day but it just wasn't the same. Lessons in non-attachment : )

  2. Sorry about your team (sort of)... I'm happy with mine!
    I wish you were closer and I could send you over a jar of homemade cranberry sauce. I have leftovers. It is delicious.
    Was the two year old at your house? In the construction site? Or did this take place elsewhere?
    Ibuprofen, warm weather, and, um, Nutella hot chocolate? Can't get any better than that, right?

    1. My team sucked. Pretty typical for Thanksgiving. But I am counting on your team to take out those pesky Eagles this week.

      I think it would be very dangerous if I lived close to you - I would easily gain 20 pounds on jam alone.

      The 2 year old is Martha's grand niece to whom I have become very close. We were together for Thanksgiving at Martha's niece's. Sweetness, pure and simple.

  3. I so get being bummed about the cranberry sauce. I love that part.

    I'm going to try nutella hot cocoa soon. Soon!

    I miss being around kids. I'm glad you got to have some fun with the g-niece.

    I am so in line for e's jams.

  4. And can I get an amen for comments being back? I haven't been able to comment on anyone's Blogger blog for weeks.

    And now I can. Not sure if it has to do with Captcha or if they finally fixed whatever they were messing with. But hallelujah.

  5. I love cranberry sauce I made sure that made it my way at the table!

  6. i forgot to put the cranberry sauce on the table. no one remembered until left overs the next day. we brought out. :^)

    i wish children didn't exhaust me so much because i love being around them.

    happy season, 8