Friday, December 12, 2014

Always Something

Tuesday night I started feeling not so great.  Some back pain, some abdominal pain.  General yuck.  During the night I was having severe back pain and figured I had a kidney stone.  I have had four of them in the past so I had a good sense of it.  Wednesday morning I started feeling nausea while taking a shower, stepped out and passed out on the floor.  But then I started feeling better so I figured the stone had moved to a less irritating place,

Thursday morning I called my urologist but they could only get me in in a week.  I really want some sense of where the stone was so I called my primary care doctor who got me right in.  But as soon as he poked and prodded, he didn’t think it has a stone.  He sent me for a CAT scan which quickly came back as a ruptured appendix.  Damn.

Martha came and picked me up, drove me to the emergency room,  and I was immediately put on high doses of antibiotics.   Today I had surgery to put in a drain and they tell me I will be here until Monday.  Then home with the drain and oral antibiotics.  For quite a while. And then, once it’s all cleaned up, another surgery to remove the faulty appendix.  

Perfect timing, of course, 2 weeks before Christmas, and 3 1/2 weeks before the trip I planned with my daughters.   Still, it’s easy to be grateful for the amazing medical care I have been receiving.  And health insurance.  This whole spin will cost me $75 out of pocket.

Anyway, I will try to catch up on blogs during lucid moments.  I’m not even going to proofread this as my eyes are at half staff.

Always something.


  1. Oh yikes! Thank goodness you pushed to get in to a doctor! That's the thing, it's impossible to know what's going on without good tests. It would have been bad to go a week with that.

    I'm glad you're okay. That's a scary thing. And, you're right, the timing is perfect. The timing will allow you to have your girls around to help take care of you and so they can lay their eyes on you and know you are okay. The biggest and best Christmas gift for any of us is for you to be okay but that's doubly or triply or quadruply (okay, I'll stop, you see where I'm going) true for your family and especially your girls.

    So the timing couldn't be better. And Disney will be there when you're well enough to go.

  2. Oh, girl. Damn. I guess I'll hold on to the thought of your awesome health insurance and say, 'Whew'.

    Please heal up quickly!

  3. Well, shit. And you're right. If my car is going to break down, it's going to be on Christmas Eve in a snowstorm. If I am going to get the flu, it is the night before I have a hugely important meeting with an audit team. I hope you are well soon and you must have a really high pain threshold. A burst appendix is one of the most painful things to have...

  4. Singing the praises of excellent insurance and the good sense to get checked out. Get better, feel better soon(er).

  5. Oh dear, I am so sorry! It sounds awful! I understand that a ruptured appendix can be quite serious and I am relieved that you are receiving quick and competent care.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery and as soon as can safely be achieved.

    Let others take care of you while you heal.

  6. That bites, but you are right - good health insurance makes a bad situation at least a little tolerable (says the woman whose surgeries for cervical cancer cost her $15,000 out of pocket!).

  7. Hope you feel better... Sounds very painful. Here's to fast healing :)