Monday, April 14, 2014

Full of Grace

I am posting this early as my final reconstruction surgery is in a few hours and then I’ll probably have anesthesia brain for a few days.

1.  My first retirement pension check.  I can’t believe that this will now arrive in my checking account every month, for the rest of my life.  It is a financial security I have never known.

2. Putting away my warm, cozy, flannel sheets for the crisp, white cotton summer sheets.  I love the feel of them.

3.  That I was gifted this.


A whole room full of knotty pine wood that was removed for a Habitat for Humanity house.  I have often worked with them and they asked if I wanted it.  It will replace some old, dark paneling at the lake house.  I really wasn't looking for yet another project to do but sometimes these gifts just fall from the universe.

4. That this just appeared where I work


I have already taken two books and replaced them with others.  Such a wonderful thing.

5. Being barefoot in the grass.


  1. Prayers for a successful surgery and gentle recovery and that you will be back barefoot in the grass and doing lake house projects in no time at all.

  2. Just keep rubbing it in that you could retire and now have all sorts of time to spend all that money, do wood working project, read, and play barefoot in the grass. The rest of us will be grinding out our 9 to 5, thank you very much.

    Good luck with your surgery and recovery. I'll stop by later today to check out the new boobs : )

  3. I will be thinking of you all day and the days that follow and wishing you speedy healing.

    I love little free libraries. They're the best. I plan on putting one up, somewhere in the future.

    Yay for retirement.

    And knotty pine will forever remind me of my mother. She loved it. So it's a happy thing, solid planks of knotty pine.

  4. Sending you healing energy and thoughts of strength and courage - not that you need them, but it's all I can do from the other side of the country. Yay for your new boobs! (And, hoping they are less... firm ... than the stretchers.)

    The rest of this post is almost too wonderful for words. Retirement checks, Beautiful free wood, Little Free LIbrary, and the two that go together - crisp sheets and barefeet. Bring on the good weather!


  5. Yays for all the goodness. Thinking of you and a speedy heal. :-)

  6. First of all, I hope you have a speedy recovery - wishing you the best. I don't think I can watch 12 years but that is just me - I just can't fathom treating people that way - and watching it voluntarily isn't something I want to do. Your dinner with the girls and her awards ceremony is awesome! I love to watch our kids interact as adults (or near adults) - it is such a different dynamic. They still get into squabbles, but they work it out - I just have to referee the language now. Enjoy all the work with that wood - I am sure you will put it to good use. Hope you are feeling okay!