Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Full of Grace

1.  Both my girls home for Easter weekend.  Without boyfriends.  I do like their boyfriends, but it is so nice not to have to share my daughters when they are home.  The time is coming soon enough . . .

2.  Spring has finally sprung!  Warm weather.  Sun.  Green grass.  Buds on trees.  Daffodils and tulips emerging.   Of course the temps are going back down into the 30s this week but the short blast of warmth was enough to give everyone happy Spring fever.

3. Secretary's Week. My secretary and I have been together for 25 years. She and I are the entire department and together we have accomplished some pretty cool things. Besides the administrative stuff she takes care of, she is kind and compassionate and keeps me laughing. She always has my back and I am particularly grateful for her now that I am only working part time. I couldn't have done this semi-retirement thing without her to hold down the fort.

4.  Martha, who has spent the week dispensing my meds, retrieving those things I could not reach, helping me shower and dress, and sleeping on the couch so her movement would not disturb my very fragile ability to sleep this week.  She was totally against this reconstruction surgery from the start, yet she has been amazingly supportive and caring.  I am one lucky girl.

5.  Steri strips and stitches removed today from the boobs and back.   There were times this past week when I thought I would go insane from the itchiness of those things.  The word grateful does not even come close to how I feel now that they are gone.  


  1. Thanks for the reminder about Secretary's Day. 25 years? It doesn't seem possible.

    So happy that you are happy with the boob job and that the difficult and itchy parts are now behind you. You are one lucky girl.

  2. We only had one home for easter - but it was fun to have one on one time with her - even if we did spend more than expected. That is a long time to work with someone congrats! Being taken care of is a great thing - and the steri strips definately itch... Hope you continue feeling better!

  3. How great this all sounds! Love that your girls were both home and without the boyfriends. Yay!

    And, big YAY for all the rest of it! Things are looking up!

  4. 8, I love the energy and appreciation of your words here. 25 years! You two must know each other inside and out. That is very lovely

    I'm glad to hear you are recuperating. Martha sounds like a gem.

    And your girls alone: yup, priceless

    Happy spring, love kj

  5. Such a glorious week. Sending Happy Spring wishes. And yes, YaY!

  6. Here. Here. I went from having a desultory, lazy, mean spirited secretary to the one I have now: a highly efficient, organized, cordial but not touchy, touchy secretary. I ADORE her.