Friday, January 3, 2014


It has been almost 4 years since we took a winter family vacation.  This is due mostly to the fact the the girls are now in college and their winter breaks never match with Martha's.  So Christmas week was the only time we could get this together.  

It was very bizarre for us to be on the beach in a bathing suit while church bells were playing Christmas carols. 

 Houses were decorated

and "trees" were trimmed

Every morning I would rise early and walk through neighborhoods

or by the harbor

and we rented these to explore further than we could walk

One day we went kayaking in the mangroves
which was an extremely interesting ecosystem

And one day we went snorkeling on a coral reef. 
I wish I'd had an underwater camera - 
the ocean life was as awesome as you see
in a National Geographic spread.

I do worry that kids today, spending so much time on the internet,
 have no appreciation of the biodiversity of their world
and it's need for protection.

This was our hotel

and what I woke to every morning

And watched the sun go down every night

And I ate of LOT of these

Mostly the vacation was awesome because we were together.   Peachie would often accompany me on my morning adventures as we explored nooks and crannies and Beanie and I would sit together on the beach at night and revel in the stars.  

I often struggle with the abundance I now have in my life and knowing how others struggle.  Like the Woody Allen quote " I can't enjoy anything unless everybody is. If one guy is starving someplace, that puts a crimp in my evening."    I made sure that when we saw the immense wealth, that we also saw the poverty and hard labor.  And when the vacation was over, we were all grateful that we can (occasionally) experience such beauty and ease.  

I know that this kind of one-on-one time will soon be over as the girls begin their own lives.   And so I cherish this time, and the memories made, and the things we learned together.  And the warmth.  It all goes by so fast.


  1. Oh it looks beautiful! And warm!!!! I really enjoy your reminders to savor the moments because I'm realizing they go all too quickly.

    1. And it really is the "moments". When we play at memories, I am always pleasantly surprised that it is the little things that my kids remember most.

  2. How wonderful! I am so glad that you all got to be together and enjoy such a beautiful and warm holiday. I know that you treasure these times. They are fleeting.

    And then, what a homecoming! Yikes! Good thing you like snow, 8!

    1. And I know you understand just how fleeting it is.

      I do love the snow - and this has been another beautiful snowfall - light and glistening. Unfortunately the temps are just too cold to enjoy it.

  3. i encourage you not to feel guilty. do what you can when you can and know that abundance has its own energy and that helps not harms.

    my favorite photo here is the mangrove. what fun. i love seeing this time with your family. it's a nice way to get to know you.


    1. Thank you for that perspective. Still it was difficult to see the proximity of homeless people, sleeping on the docks next to zillionaire yachts.

    2. Ah, 8, I understand that. In San Juan I saw piled up garbage and disregard next to the ritz Carlton. How can after so much evolution we still elevate and hold on to the results of greed? And neglect. I share your view


  4. Don't really have anything to add, just wanted you to know I was here. Great photos.