Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Gratitudes

Because of the extreme cold, our homeless shelters were concerned about needing supplies for triple the amount of people they normally receive in winter.  They put out an appeal for food and blankets and I put out an email to my co-workers saying if they wanted to donate, I would drive the stuff to the shelter.     The response was so huge that we fully loaded 3 SUVs with food, pillows, blankets, coats, hats and gloves.   These people went out in the bitter, bitter cold Monday night (and most of them are not young and many live paycheck to paycheck themselves) to buy this stuff.   Have I ever mentioned how much I love my colleagues?

Lately I have been quite disheartened by people who claim to be advocates for the poor and disenfranchised, and write whole posts confessing their privilege, but all they seem to do is talk about it.  And then everyday good people just quietly step up to the plate and restore my faith in humanity.

So yay for them and for everyone who steps up.

And lots of gratitude for all of us who are sleeping in comfy beds in warm homes.


  1. It has often been said that if you need help, ask a poor person.

    It is easy to get discouraged witnessing all the pain in the world. But such a joy to witness true human compassionate and giving!

    So yay for them and for everyone who steps up!

  2. Good for you and those first responders. This is the first year I have not been a therapist to my clients who are hampered by poverty and class (I left the community mental health center after five years ) and I miss the good deeds I and so many of my friends and coworkers and family regularly provided; the little things that aren't little.

    Here's hoping for an all around kinder year this year


  3. Thank you. This is close to my heart, as you know.

  4. And I'll agree with kj: here's hoping for a kinder new year. Thanks for giving it a start.

  5. I love you so much! You and your coworkers! One of my coworkers helps organize and distribute supplies to the homeless each Christmas and every single one of the support staff contributes. We have a good team, too. I am grateful for every single individual who gives selflessly.

    Hope you all are staying warm!

  6. Thank for all your kind words, but I am not the hero here. I had a few new pillows in my attic, given to me by my BIL who used to deal in such items. And I (and others) delivered this stuff during works hours. I make a very nice salary and have the freedom to come and go as I choose. I made no sacrifice at all.

    However, most of the people I work with are clerical and support staff and make extremely low salaries. Yet, they are always the first to open their wallets. This past couple of years have been difficult for many of our work family, and EVERY time the hat is passed, they give. And they give big. They give their time, their money, and their friendship.

    Sue’s comment is right on the mark. When I first left my parent’s home I lived in public housing. I had a (very menial) job but with health benefits so I was already much richer than most of the other tenants. Yet, no matter how poor most of my neighbors were, they gave whenever someone else needed help. Literally, they had nothing, but willingly gave it away and never expected a ‘thank you’.

    So this post was a thank you to all those, known and unknown, who always step up to the plate whenever they see need. Especially those who can afford it least. They don’t get their names on plaques or in booklets. They don’t go around telling everyone else how to live. They just quietly live their lives as the angels they are. And the world is a more beautiful place because of them.

  7. What I remember and revere most about my mother was her devotion to doing what she called, "God's work" donations to and volunteering with battered women's shelters and the tri-village homeless community. I carry on, in her name, whenever, wherever possible.

    A great big YaY to humans advancing humanity.