Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Full of Grace

1.  I am exceedingly grateful for all the people who commented on my last post. I KNOW it was not easy. The gentleman who wrote the original article told me he would read them. I haven't heard from him but I am hopeful that your brave and heartfelt comments nudged his thinking about calling any rape contrived. Thank you for standing up for all survivors.

2.  A woman I work with brought me this

Apparently I have a reputation

I would not get this again - too much candy, not enough Nutella. But it is so nice to be thought of.

3.  A lovely catch-up dinner out with Martha.  For some reason, we never get to finish a conversation when the girls are home.  To linger over a meal, and speak without interruption - it is a beautiful thing.

4.  Stiffy at Fifty - a 6 week yoga class my BFF and I signed up for.  All I can say is the only pose I can comfortably do is the corpse pose.  I think I may have to look for a class for 70 year olds.  

5. Beaner's housemates who, when Beaner became very ill, brought her to the doctor, and got her groceries and meds. It is very hard when your kids are sick and so far away. It is so comforting to know that both my daughters are surrounded by very caring people and I am grateful for their kindness.

6. Pete Seeger who was the foundation of my musical tastes back in the day, and the inspiration and ideal for all my politics ever since.


  1. Prayers ascending for Beaner's health and recovery.

    I share your admiration for Pete Seeger. What a gift he gave this nation. May he rise in glory.

  2. Pete. Love. Respect.

    And, I'm not surprised that your daughters are surrounded by kind people who care for and about them. They draw that energy to themselves!


  3. Thank goodness for kind, caring, and generous people.

  4. Lots to be grateful for here. Would you feel better if I were doing that corpse pose along side you ? :-)

    We will worry about our kids until the cows come home. And what does this mean: do the cows never budge?

    JB and I are off to Florida soon for plenty of quiet dinners--definitely a special blessing!

    I haven't read your last post yet but I will