Sunday, May 8, 2016

May Healthy Eating Challenge - Week 2

So, how did everyone do on week 1 of the May Healthy Eating Challenge?

I started out strong with no sugar at all but quickly fell into my original challenge of no sugar mornings or evenings. One stressful day I had some sugar free candy and couldn’t decide if that was cheating or not.  And then yesterday I found someone’s forgotten jelly beans from Easter.  Damn. But overall, I did well and as a bonus I lost a little over a pound.

Week 2 we are suppose to continue with our week 1 challenge and then add another healthy eating choice.  I am going to add an additional hour of no sugar and then I’m going to try to add a daily raw vegetable.  

How about you?


  1. Yay you for the staying on course and the positive result.

    I did pretty well. The weather sucked for must of the week so was only able to ride today/Sunday. In addition to no coffee, I had veggies with lunch and dinner each day. And even Spinach w/breakfast at least one day.

    The week 2 add-on challenge is to either serve a vegetable I've never had (or haven't had in a long time) or prepare a familiar vegetable in an unfamiliar manner; sweet potato and kale hash, for instance.

  2. Because of my job I rarely know where I'll be for meals. Pre-making salads to carry with me was exceptionally successful and gave me a healthy alternative instead of relying on fast food or desserts. People are always offering me desserts!

    Learning this from week 1, this week I am also going to carry water with me at all times and also keep some in my car. I often forget to drink and find myself with dehydration headaches. Week 2 will be hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

    I love Middle Girl's idea of trying new veggies and will think about how I could accomplish that in a 'carry-it-with-me' form for week 3.

  3. AnonymousMay 10, 2016

    Did well on the water last week - will eat fruit every day this week. Sometimes hard for me to do...

  4. Some days really good, others not so much. But working on changing the ratio:)
    I don't think I am ready for any more challenges at the moment so will just try to carry on with week !