Sunday, May 15, 2016

Healthy Eating - Week 3

Week 2 was a tough week for me, emotionally and physically, and total failure for healthy eating. I’m not sure why I give myself an excuse to eat like crap when I am anxious.  Or sad. Or any other emotion that makes me feel entitled to treat myself.  

I had hoped to eat a raw veggie every day but instead my raw food diet looked like this.  Literally.

It’s something I should be able to conquer but frankly,  it feels like too much effort when I’m down. It is a downward spiral of course. I feel crappy. I eat poorly. Which makes me feel even crappier. And lower and lower I go. Not good.

For week 3 I am re-energized and again going to try to add more raw veggies. Tonight I went to Whole Foods and made a nice big salad filled with raw carrots and shredded beets and mushrooms.  Then I made another salad for tomorrow. It’s a start.

Had did everyone else do?


  1. I'd say it was a 50/50 week. I had chips at least twice and a soda. On the other side I did have a vegetable (or two) with every lunch and every dinner. To give the cukes and spinach a bit more interest I made a dressing of yogurt, cilantro, onion, and jalepeno pepper.

    Sorry you had such a trying week. Here's to week three being less emotionally draining.

    My challenge for week three is to keep the routine and kick up a notch wit a totally veggie / fruity filled day. And trying NOT to succumb to the call of the chips. AND move. move. move. (The weather has been crappy (i.e. cold and wet. ::sigh::))

    1. Congrats on all your additional veggies. That's really great!

      I think I would definitely benefit from a cleansing veggie/fruit only day. I'm adding to my itinerary.

      Our weather has been lousy too. It has even been too blustery for walking. But it looks to improve starting tomorrow so no more excuses for me.

  2. I share your struggle with emotional eating. My weakness is fast food which I tend to eat as a reward. I know, very bad.

    Week 2 went well for me as carrying healthy food and water with me has significantly reduced my need (although not my desire) to find a drive-thru for fries and a diet Coke. I have lost almost 4 pounds which has helped keep me motivated and I feel much better.

    My challenge for week 3 will be to explore new fruits and vegetables. I will shop today for things I can easily prepare and/or carry with me.

    1. Congratulations on your challenges and the weight loss! That's fantastic! Keep up the great work!

  3. AnonymousMay 16, 2016

    well, my piece of fruit a day was sporadic. I don't know why I just can't eat it... I made it two days... This is the 3rd month I have been eating a lot less and I have hit a lull - so my motivation is waning... It is Monday, I am back at it. Going to do the fruit again this week!

  4. I can report a significant drop in fast food and chips over the last two weeks. Far, far from perfect, but an improvement nonetheless. For the rest of this week I'll increase the vegetable portion on my plate. Sigh.

  5. After reading the previous post about dealing with the procedure, I am not surprised that you sometimes needed to reach for cookie dough! I am so impressed and inspired by your strength and commitment. I know that constant "re-loading" that it takes. You have to re-commit and re-commit and re-commit to what works, to what keeps you on the path, to taking care of yourself, to knowing that there are hard moments but you will get through them. Much respect, love and strength to you and that amazing therapist!! I'm so glad she chose the work she did!

    When I'm trying to eat healthier, I sometimes try to figure out what feels like a treat to me that is also in the direction I want to go. For some years now, since I became a parent, I've gotten very into presentation. I no longer eat anything out of a bag. Everything is always in a pretty bowl. Even if I eat too much of something, it's in a pretty bowl - or two, lol. I think seeing myself make that effort for myself means something. Some part of me sees that - the beautifully cut apple or small serving of chocolate with a cup of tea or whatever it is, and feels "I am loved. I am special. I am worthy of this beautifully cut pear on this pretty little plate." And I feel soothed. And I don't need to stuff myself. For me, someone with my own traumas and anxieties... it's been all about switching from stuff to soothing... but trying to wall off the pain to being tender with the pain. Of course, as you know, that takes years of all kinds of work!!! But i'm at the point - and it sounds like you are, too - where I can go for the tenderness rather than having to go for the numbing. But of course, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes I do want to numb out. I guess, these days, I mostly screen for that. A good documentary or drama that sucks me in. Anyway.... much respect and support to you on your path. And amazing deck work! wish I could do that! zc

  6. I try not to eat out of a bag because I tend to mindlessly keep eating without noticing. I put a little in a bowl, eat that, and then are usually too lazy to get up for more : )

    "Being tender with the pain" is such a beautiful expression and way to live! I cannot agree with you more on that philosophy. (and will be stealing that phrase for motivation)