Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Full of Grace

After shaking my head at the national political circus this week, I am very grateful to live with the much more innocuous circus that is my family:

  • I made an angel food cake.  This is how my family ate it. 

 They don’t even bother to cut a slice - just grab a hunk and go. Very classy.

  • After a kazillion doctor’s appointments, it has been determined that Martha has a small rotator cuff tear but also significant swelling in her bicep. This means that they will treat the swelling before determining whether she needs surgery. I suppose that is good but it also means I will the carrying the heavy stuff and listening to her complain for a lot longer yet.
  • Everyone was home for an actual sit down at the table meal.  The entire conversation was about sexually transmitted infections along with accompanying photos, the pros and cons of circumcision, the horrible effects of meth on the body and brain, and the graphic details of a man who tried to commit suicide but only succeeded in shooting half his face off.  I can remember when dinner talk was about friends and books and music and plans for the weekend. Now, with one working in a medical hospital and the other interning at a psychiatric hospital, I guess this is what I get. I lost my appetite.
  • Lastly, the monster cat we inherited because of Beaner’s breakup has been living up to his name. In the past week he has chewed through charging cords, broken lamps, destroyed plants and knocked whole meals from the kitchen counter. He has been relegated back to the basement when no one is home, something Beaner is very upset about. Then she sent us this:

Makes me laugh every time.


  1. I love that photo of the cat. I live with a terrorist cat too. And in my family, I'm the one who talks about inappropriate things at the dinner table. It's nice to know that somewhere there is a family that it's the kids that do this:)

  2. Lol. I miss us gathering around the table. I settle for a confab as t my bedroom door.
    The cat. The plea. Lol. Indeed.

  3. Lol. I miss us gathering around the table. I settle for a confab as t my bedroom door.
    The cat. The plea. Lol. Indeed.

  4. Oh, that cat! We have one who is in a permanent state of time out... brat.

    Love your dinner table convo... working in a hospital is gross!

    Oh, and the angel food cake? Well done on the baking, and you know that the top is the best part, right?

    Sorry for the heavy lifting.

  5. I just laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the cat. I so feel the pain there - we leave the radio on and chairs on the furniture to keep two brown blind dogs off...

    We hardly ever get through a meal without talking about poo...

    Nice job on the cake. I am sure it didn't last too long.

  6. I like the inscrutable look on the cat's face.

  7. Loving the destructive/accident prone cat - you clearly have a challenge on your hands! And the conversation sounds fascinating, but perhaps for the coffee rather than the main course;)