Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Full of Grace

  • Received a lovely card from my vet along with Magic's ashes and a set of her paw prints. And that poem that always makes me cry. But I am finally able to pass the pet food aisle at the grocery store without getting teary, so progress.

  • Beaner already being offered a couple of jobs in her field upon graduation.

  • And she is moving into an apartment June 1st. She will only be 20 minutes away so I'm sure she'll still be home to do laundry and raid the cupboards.  But she will take the monster cat with her and I will get my house back.

  • Being gifted with tickets to a Joan Baez concert.  Just her for an hour and a half, with no opening act and no intermission. She is still has a breathtakingly crystal clear voice and her final song, John Lennon’s “Imagine” had me in tears.  Maybe because I couldn’t help but notice that the injustices she has been singing about for 50 years are still with us. *sigh*

  • To have my family, and a few stragglers, together for Easter brunch. No one in our group actually celebrates Easter and yet any excuse to celebrate Spring and chocolate, all together, works for me.


  1. That paw prints ...((hugs))

    Congratulations to Beaner's job offer and new apartment. And Yay for taking monster cat with her.

    That concert sounds amazing. And yes, *sigh*.

    Chocolate! Spring and chocolate. Celebrate good times, come on!

  2. Magic... sniffle. It's so hard to lose the furry family members. Glad it's easing a little. And really glad that El Diablo is going with Beaner! Yay! Only 20 mins away is perfect. She'll still be available to spend summer weekends at the lake. :-)
    I'll agree with Middle Girl, that concert sounds amazing. And, somehow, poignantly discouraging.
    Hooray for Spring! Hooray for chocolate! Hooray for family and friends together for brunch!

  3. It means so much when the vet takes the time to send a card. I always appreciated that.

  4. Woo hoo on the job offer! Mine is fretting away as graduation draws closer... Our easter celebration was a bit different than planned - but turned out pretty good... I am just enjoying the sunshine and warming trends...

  5. hey hello 8, i'm smiling at your list this week. i'm right with you from the bounce of spring.
    i saw joan baez at look park near my house a couple of years ago and she had an 'edge' that night--she was distant and disenchanted. i'm glad to hear she inspired.

    i'm sorry about magic that your healing tears are lessening. we're looking for a shelter dog as i speak, maybe even two. email coming. enjoy your soon to be reclaimed house.