Sunday, February 8, 2015


Having been tagged as a reader of EarthandInk's blog, here are my answers to her meme*:

1. What topic is so interesting to you that you could talk about it for days?
I don’t think I could talk about anything for days.   I could talk about backpacking for a little while.
2. Dream home: cottage at the beach, river house in the woods, lake house, penthouse in a city, farm house, castle in Europe, family home in a burb? Something else?
I grew up at the beach and currently have a family home in the burbs and a lake house in the woods. I love them all, but perhaps I should dream something new, so I’ll take the farmhouse.   Although frankly, home (to me) is where my family is so it really doesn’t matter the building type or place.  I tend to agree with George Carlin -   a house is just a box you keep your stuff in.
3. What talent would you like to have that you don’t have already?
Singing.  And yes, I know everyone can sing.  But I’m talking the kind of singing other people (and I) actually enjoy hearing.  Not anything fancy.  Just an easy listening kind of voice.  After that - dancing and cooking.
4. If you could make one food that’s not good for you, good for you, what would you choose?
5. The one piece of advice you would give to everyone and wish they’d follow.
In everything, choose  kindness.  
6. What period of history would you want to visit as a tourist?
The Renaissance.  
7. Do you have a hobby?
Hiking, backpacking, woodworking.  And now I am trying to be a more serious gardener.
8. If an animal could talk, which animal would you want to talk to?
9. If you could be friends with a fictional character, who would you choose?
The Little Prince
10. Introvert or extrovert?
Introvert.  And I finally learned to make peace with it.

*Remember when we used to do these all the time?   I kind of miss them.


  1. Oh goody. I'm going to do it too. I have missed these as well. :-)

  2. i'm crazy about your answers." In everything, choose kindness", the little prince, gardens, birds. well, not so much backpacking. but the kindness cancels that out :^)

    these are good questions and good answers.