Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Full of Grace

1. Getting to see the Bolshoi Ballet.  I go to the ballet once a year at an outdoor venue that has been the summer home to the New York and Philadelphia ballet companies.  We are blessed to get such tremendous talent so close to home.  The Bolshoi, however, was probably a once in a lifetime experience and wow, was it worth it!   Grand.  Spectacular.  I have never heard such an ovation at the end of a ballet as I did here. (even Martha was on her feet)   I still have goosebumps.   

2. Of course, given the recent political happenings, there were many protesters on site.  I am grateful that I live in the country where these protesters had the right to peaceably assemble and be heard.  I am also extremely grateful that the Bolshoi came anyway because I think we need many more events where we can share our art and culture and appreciate our similarities rather than always focusing on our differences.  

3. That my state’s State Court of Appeals just affirmed a lower-court ruling and found that the towns have the authority to ban fracking through land use regulations.  I wrote a law banning fracking in my town years ago, as soon as this became an issue.  But the State authorities (under pressure from big lobby groups) have been threatening to override any local ordinances.  This ruling will keep my town protected.  And may I say that it just pisses me off how politicians are willing to gamble away their water supplies for quick money.

4. Having the job at family gathering of holding the babies.  Not being much of a party socializer, I was quite content to sit with the newest addition to Martha’s family, snuggled up in my shoulder and neck for a couple of hours.  Sweet bliss.

5. That the wicked hot flashes and night sweats and very uncharacteristic bitchiness I have been experiencing have subsided.   I am grateful . . . but probably not half as much as my family is.  


  1. . . . because I think we need many more events where we can share our art and culture and appreciate our similarities rather than always focusing on our differences. Yes. This.

  2. I share your gratitude for the ballet, babies and drinkable water. May they forever be able to thrive in our world of confused priorities.

  3. I like your politics and I like you :-)

    Manohman am I loving babies and kids these days.

    We're having a pretty good summer, eh 8?


  4. Hopefully we get a few things right -
    Hopefully we realize we are not all the same -
    Hopefully we can take care of this earth so others may live to enjoy it -

  5. How great that you banned fracking so long ago. What a visionary!

    Enjoy the good, 8. And thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Fracking is such a contentious issue for me - my family has been in the oil and gas business for decades and it provided for us while growing up. The process they use now was perfected when, where and while I was growing up, although the complete overuse of it at this point is terrifying. What's more terrifying is our unending appetite for energy, something has got to give - we as consumers can't demand that dangerous practices not be used while also consuming willy nilly.

    Oooh, to hold babies! A close friend is due in a couple of weeks and I dreamt just the other day about holding her sweet little one and having a baby in my arms again. What a wonderful job you managed to corner there!

    Oh, and the ballet! I am in love with this Full of Grace post!

    1. I absolutely agree with you on the appetite for energy. We are a ravenous, greedy culture using way more than our fair share of resources. Sadly, i don't see that changing.

  7. I absolutely adore holding babies - I'd take that job at a party, too.