Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Full of Grace

1.  That I had another good oncology report.

2.  That all my blood work was good.

3.  That my DEXA scan showed that my bone loss from the estrogen inhibitors I take has slowed considerably.   I am still losing density (2% more), but not a loss huge scary like last year (18%).  I think all those weight bearing exercises at the gym are helping.

4.  That my chest MRI showed no new tumors.

5.  That the sudden appearance of a very odd and ugly looking brown mole on my chest, that had me panicked, turned out to be just a dried up brownie crumb  : )

Yep. This is life after cancer.  


  1. My heart went into my throat at number 5 but now all I have to say is, "All hail the brownies!"

  2. Thank goodness, all such wonderful reports!

    And the humor to get through it all : )

  3. Hip Hop Hooray. And now . . brownies for everyone!! :-)

  4. I imagine you must be very stressed to have to go through these tests periodically and very relieved each time everything comes back clean. No wonder you are eating brownies. I'd be shoveling them in my face as fast as I could.

    Happy news.

  5. All good news... Those are the good kind of moles to have!

  6. that last discovery had me zooming from panic to grin. the brownies come through again.

    i should know: how often are these check-ups scheduled?


    1. Tests and appts vary. General oncology visits were every 3 months but I just got upgraded to every 6 months. Yay! Blood work every 3 months. DEXA scans are usually every 2 years but because of my dramatic bone loss, my insurance carrier has approved it annually. The MRI was the first I had since the mastectomy, 2 1/2 years ago. Since I can no longer do mammograms I will request an MRI as often as my insurance will approve it.

      I remember my elderly mother saying her social calendar was mostly filled with doctor's appointments. I was beginning to feel the same way, but I think it is starting to taper down. I am immensely grateful for that.

  7. Thanks for the LOL, you nut! Jeez! You had us all going for a minute there. All hail the brownies, indeed!

    I'm so thankful that everything is coming back in the 'good' column. That's GREAT!

  8. Good news indeed! And good to celebrate it with brownies.