Thursday, August 7, 2014


By request, here is an update about my new fake boobs.  I just had my 3 month checkup with the plastic surgeon who created my foobs.   They have not yet settled all the way and are dropping unevenly.   Of course.  But at least they are out of my armpits, which was really a weird feeling.  The doctor said it will take another few months for the settling  to be complete and a year for the scars to soften and fade, maybe longer because I am very fair.  Once they have settled, revisions may be necessary, but I doubt I would have any more surgery.  I can live with imperfection. She once again offered me nipple reconstruction, which I have declined, so I can’t offer any experience about that.   

Am I happy with the decision to reconstruct?   

Yes.  I can now get dressed without the usual angst I had with a flat, bumpy chest.   And clothes just fit better.  I never have to, or need to wear a bra which is particularly great during these hot, humid spells and while exercising.   I no longer have people staring at my chest with either curiosity or pity. And psychologically it makes a huge difference although I couldn’t really explain why.

Still,  it required two major surgeries plus all the weekly appointments to have the tissue expanders pumped up which was not fun.  It was not a decision I entered into lightly.

Am I happy with the results?

Yes and no.  

As you can see from the pictures, the implants are still uneven and I have some lumps and bumps. These issues will hopefully get better over time.  

Because the implants go under the pec muscles (unlike breast tissue which is over the muscle) it is a very weird feeling when using those chest muscles.  Not a bad feeling - just different.   

While I can wear almost anything now, sheer white shirts are still out because of the scars which show through.  This is also true for tight clingy shirts because the scars are not flat.  

Having the scars adhere to the tissue below is still a concern.  I am massaging the scars constantly hoping that this will not happen.  They adhered after my mastectomy and it always felt like I had duct tape around my chest - every movement caused everything else to pull.  Hopefully I can avoid that this time.  

And  there is still no sensual feeling to the foobs.  I had hoped that the reconstruction might bring back some of that feeling, but no.   It is by far the saddest part of the mastectomy for me.  

In many ways I wish I had started the reconstruction process at the time of my mastectomy instead of waiting over 2 years.  It would have eliminated one major surgery and the twice healing time.  But at the time I really didn't think it would matter.  

Most women I know who have gone through reconstruction are very happy with their decision.  But I know of  a couple women who have had problems with the implants, or infections, or asymmetry and have endured multiple revision surgeries and regret the decision.   It is not a perfect process.   I also know a few women who are very happy using only their prosthetics.  I never thought the flat chest would bother me, but in the end, it did - mostly because it wasn't really flat.   It was worth it to me. So, I come back around to it being a very personal decision.   I am happy with mine.  I hope this helps.

After mastectomy - not really "flat"

Tissue expanders - very uneven and VERY uncomfortable and
fortunately temporary.

Now - three months after implant surgery

Much happier in clothes

And I have perky boobs, even braless.


  1. I had a unilateral mastectomy last year with the tissue expander placed at the time of surgery. I have had to wait through chemo and radiation but will do the implant swap in September. I can't wait to have this rock hard expander removed but I am concerned about matching my existing breast. I didn't realize that the implant takes so long to "settle". What kind of implant do you have?

    Your pictures look great! Thanks for sharing them and your journey.

    1. I have the "gummy bear" implants which are supposed to have a more natural shape and feel. Of course, I have nothing to compare it to. But what a huge difference between the full expanders and the implants. As my doctor said - it is like going from river rocks to pillows.

      Good luck with your surgery - please let me know how you're doing.

  2. All that matters is that is was worth it to you! Perky is good, as mine are heading to my knees.
    Our 16 year old was so happy she is finally a "B". I am sure it will all be short lived. Glad you are feeling better!

    1. My originals were still pretty perky and I miss them. But this was a good decision for me and in the end I do think it was worth it.

  3. They look great, 8! Perky and bra-less... wow! I think the last time I was perky and bra-less was in middle school. Your shape is just right, and as long as you are happy with it, then it is all worth it.

  4. I think they look fantastic! I second the above comment on the tank top - you are definitely rocking it lady.

  5. . . . and a third, looking damn good. ♥ you for sharing your journey with us.

  6. I am just noticing your coloring. After the mastectomy you were a greenish gray. Now you are once again glowing.

  7. Thank you for your honestly and courage. Knowing this step will take quite a while to complete is very helpful. The doctors make is sound so easy.

    Like you, I have heard of many women who have had to go through multiple surgeries to get the results they wanted which is frightening. Your experience is encouraging.

  8. Holy shit, I am so jealous of your foobs! I was never well endowed, but now I feel as if I have two flat pancakes on my chest.

  9. Very brave and very inspiring post! You look fabulous!