Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Full of Grace

This week I asked Martha the same questions I answered about her - What do you love best about me?  What drives you nuts?   She immediately thought it was a trap.  But she did humor me and do it anyway.   

She took a long time with 10 things she loved but seemed to want to go on and on about what she didn’t.  Go figure.  

The love list:

1. Loyal

2.  Compassionate

3.  Caring

4. Always calm when things are going to shit

5. Generous to people in need, sometimes too much.

6. Loving, caring, involved mother

7. Gave me family

8. Gave my life stability

9. Handles the family finances

10.  Handy to have around

And the not so much list:

1.  Stubborn

2. Perfectionist

3. Socially awkward/embarrassing/non-social

4. Shitty cook

5.  Picky eater

6. Wacked

7.  Over analyzes everything

8.  Pain in the ass quirks

9.  Always on my heels turning out lights while I’m still in the room, turning down the heat when I’m freezing, taking things for compost when I’m still eating, recycling containers before I finish it, lectures on how many miles I drive my car, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera  

10.  Can spot one single surviving flower in a huge field but doesn’t see the cat puke on the kitchen floor

So for this week’s edition of Full of Grace, I am very thankful that for all my faults (and the list could have been much longer)  she still loves me and hasn't kicked me out of the house.  



  1. Intrigued as to what, specifically constitutes, "wacked".

    A loving list. :-)

  2. Fun to see you through someone else's eyes. Since she hasn't kicked you out yet, the good must still outweigh the bad.

    And like the only daughter, I too am interested in what "wacked" means.

  3. Wacked? That's just funny.

    And, #10... well, you've made my day. Flowers are lovely; who wants to see cat puke??? (in fairness, I have to say that I find that supremely irritating about my partner as well. How can you walk past that?!?! Oh, I didn't see it... Riiiight.)

    But, hey, you are 'handy to have around'. What better praise is there?

  4. Wacked - a word that she thinks is more politically correct than wacko or crazy. It is a word she'd always used when, for instance, I was triggering, or something difficult was happening to me in front of the kids. She would say “oh, mom is just a little wacked today” to make light of it. Even as she put this on the list she said “I know I shouldn’t include this, but really, living with your issues has not always been easy.” True enough. I am one lucky girl.

    And yes, e, I know it is insanely lazy and wrong of me to pretend I don’t see the cat puke (among other things.) Any excuse I come up with would be so incredibly lame. I am hanging my head in shame. I will try to do better.

    What better praise is there?? I don’t know - phenomenal lover? Best friend? Financial genius? Cool? Wise beyond her years? Your body drives me wild with desire?

    Somehow I am just going to make “handy” seem sexy : )

    1. Thanks for the definition. Sounds like the lucky match struck both ways. :-)

  5. I love it - she's obviously a very direct and to the point person. It's neat to see you through her eyes.

  6. From one wacked gal to another, this list sounds exactly how I imagine a list from Martha would sound!

    I do not do cat puke. I cannot. If you want pets, you handle the puke. Because I can. not. Or there will be extra puke around. (Too visual? Sorry.)

    I'm guessing she thinks those other things you listed as better praise as well. But, you know, she was on the spot.

    1. Okay, fine. I do cat puke if there's no one else to palm it off on.

    2. To be honest, it's not just the puke. I have just gotten so used to her doing the cleaning that I take it for granted. Which I think was her point. I am trying to be better.