Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Full of Grace

  • Having my fashionista daughter quickly find me a really cute sun dress to wear for an outdoor wedding this weekend, thereby saving me from wandering aimlessly around the mall for hours. And even better, I needed it smaller than my usual size!

  • Central air conditioning that still lets us snuggle under a duvet when it’s a 90 degree morning.

  • Participating in a Mudmania obstacle course with my daughters. This was a fund raiser for a local family who have been deeply impacted by Huntington’s disease. There was some serious mud. I can’t recall laughing so hard. Ever.

And no, that is not me

not me either

  • My sister getting us Broadway tickets to see The Book of Mormon. I am so looking forward to that.

  • French fries with mayonnaise. Yum. ( I may need that bigger dress by Sunday)


  1. You had me until the mayonnaise.... ;-)

  2. Can I borrow Peachie as my personal shopper?

    Wormwood - I thought fries with mayo would be the grossest combination too, but 8thday turned me on to this. Try it! (not that I need the extra calories)

  3. I heart this post! It sounds like summer and fun!

    Isn't it awesome to have a personal shopper?!?

    Fries and mayo ~ very Belgian of you (or Dutch, depending). Try adding some classic yellow mustard to the mayo. Now, that's delish!


  4. Laughter is truly the most amazing gift. And very healing.

    I heard tickets for B of M were impossible. Your sister must have connections. I'm very jealous.

    I would try fries with mayo, but OMG what if I liked them? Deadly.

  5. Ren, I'm sure Peachie would go shopping with you anytime. But she would want to go somewhere other than Eastern Mountain Sports.

    Doxy - seriously, try it.

    e - yes, the first time I had fries and mayo was in Belgium. That's even how they were served at McDonalds but I especially loved the big fries wrapped in a paper cone stuffed with mayo on top that you could get from street vendors. (I'm starting to drool)

    knitter - our tickets are not until the fall, but I hear it is worth the wait.