Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Full of Grace

1. A huge ego stroke - 17 out of 17 very positive evaluations from the students in the class I helped teach at the local university.

2. A man with the walker and oxygen tank stopped to wish me a good afternoon just when my afternoon was not so good

3. I have use of all my arms and legs.

4. Long newsy emails from friends.

5. Peachie’s senior prom, the after prom party at our lake house, her 18th birthday, her high school graduation, invitations to eight graduation parties, Pride, a three day orientation at Peachie’s college, a wedding, and a day in NYC with my niece. All in June. Strangely, I am actually looking forward to it all. Well okay . . . most of it.


  1. Enjoy your many, many blessings!

  2. Will you have a social life after that red head leaves?

  3. Sounds like a month packed full of wonderful things. I'm so glad!

    And, appreciating it? That's the best. Glad you're feeling it! :-)