Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Full of Grace

March came in like a lion and is going out like a lion.  Apparently it has been an historic month for us because it is the first time that we never got to 50 degrees.  Not once during the whole month.

This is my vegetable garden.   Obviously peas were not planted on St. Patrick’s Day. They will not be planted by Easter. The ground is still frozen solid. And you can see in the picture where high gusty winds ripped the siding right off my neighbor’s house.  We in the northeast are hungry for Spring.  But there are still lots and lots of things to be grateful for:

  • Cinderella.  Yes, I did wait a week to see it so that I was not surrounded by hundreds of 7 year old girls.  It was hard to see Cate play such an evil character but, oh, those close ups.

  • I really like my new urologist.  He totally agreed with my concerns the connection between my cancer meds and bone loss and kidney problems and spent a lot of time with me discussing them.  He has ordered a full metabolic workup so that we can determine exactly what chemical changes are happening and how we might counteract them.  I really appreciate when I feel “heard” by a doctor.

  • Having my phone say “you have no appointments scheduled for today.”

  • We went to the NCAA women’s basketball semi-finals.  I am not that big of a basketball fan but since both my girls played I have sat at the games of 3rd graders through varsity and regional All-Star levels.  But what a joy (and difference) to watch the UConn women play the game.  Such power and grace and skill.  

  • Black jelly beans, which I'm pretty sure are healthy for me.


  1. So weird, my daughter mentioned a similar lament re: phone and reminders just this morning while we were getting coffee.

    Boo Hiss snow, cold and such hanging around and around.

    Yay powerful, graceful, skillful women.

  2. I'm so glad you feel heard by your doctor. It's essential!

    Spring will come. I'm sure if it. Hang in there!


  3. The cold weather can move along any day now! Hard to believe all of the brown will soon be green!
    We haven't been watching bball as much as we normally do. Hard to believe it is already April!

  4. Never got as high as 50 all month? I can't even imagine that.

    Love me some black jelly beans, though.