Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Full of Grace

  • Seeing Cinderella a second time with my daughters.  (They saw Cinderella, I saw Cate : )

  • One semi-warm day that allowed me to finally plant the peas.  
  • Finally finishing my taxes but crap, for the first year ever I owe money.  A lot of money.  I am now working part time, technically as a consultant, so my employer is no longer taking taxes out of my check automatically.  Still I am grateful to be able to have the money to pay without having to sacrifice any necessities.

  • Saying goodbye to Peachie for the last time she will be returning to college.  Next we will be picking her up after graduation.

  • And most especially I am grateful for this year's Easter dinner.  Peachie invited her boyfriend who didn't want to go home because his mom is in the middle of her second divorce and it's ugly.   Beaner invited a fellow student who has a horrible home life and never goes home.  I invited Ethel, the elderly woman I take grocery shopping because apparently her family didn't invite her anywhere.  And Martha invited a college basketball player from Nigeria she has befriended.  We were quite the interesting group - our own little island of misfits toys.   I walked away from religion years ago but this to me will always be church.  As it should be, I think.


  1. Amen to church.

    Amen to all of it.

    Except having to pay the taxes.

  2. That sounds like the best kind of Easter dinner. Like so many people's Thanksgivings... As it should be.
    Sorry to hear about the taxes; it's hard to pay a lump sum at the end! Still, your attitude about it is perfect.
    Peas! In the ground! That's certainly worth celebrating!
    Last term of college ----- that's got it's own blessed feeling!
    And, Cate. Glad you had the eye candy, my friend!


  3. Your Easter gathering sounds scrumptious.

    Semi-warm a turn for the best. Yay to peas in the ground, seconds of Cate and all the good graces.

  4. I missed Easter! Just spaced it completely! My sister in law sent me a pic of a bowl full of what looked like beads to me and I showed it to Liv and said, "What the hell is this? BEADS?" She laughed and told me that no, they were EASTER EGGS, that it was Easter. I almost cried until I learned that Bing had remembered to make her a basket. And I am SO looking forward to planting my peas soon.

  5. i love your easter table, 8. what a lovely mix of people. it says so much about your family.

    you planted your peas! awesome!


  6. This all sounds lovely. I want to plant peas! Although I'm less interested in Cate, I'm afraid. I haven't seen the movie. But I'm glad you did.

  7. I get that - nature is my church.

  8. Taxes stink :) Sounds like an awesome Easter dinner. We had burgers and brats! Broke the ham tradition!