Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Full of Grace

1. Zicam.  It kept my miserable cold to almost manageable level.   I know, the zinc is probably toxic as hell, but I hate blowing my nose.

2. Reading gardening blogs from the Southern Hemisphere.  How lovely to read about folks just planting their gardens while I am trying to get mine closed up for the winter.

3. I went to one of Peachie’s away games at the university where Daphne and I were attacked.  And I was okay.   I am hoping to write a more detailed account of this, but for now, I am just grateful for another positive sign that I am healing/healed.

4. Peachie and I enjoyed a lovely hike in this landscape which is just a few minutes from my house.   Lucky me.

5. The total kitchen renovation we are doing ourselves (yet another post I haven’t written) is moving along slowly with no major injuries or threats of divorce.


  1. Wow. You are a busy woman!

    I am so astounded at your strength and determination in not letting the trauma rule your life. You are like a super hero, only stronger, because they didn't survive what you did. Thank you for being such a brilliant, shining example of hope.

    Uh, good job on not injuring or divorcing each other over a total kitchen remodel. That, all by itself, is nothing short of amazing. It's difficult under any circumstances but when you are doing it yourself, 100 time worse!

    Thanks for the beautiful autumn pictures. Wish I was there to hike with youse guys!

  2. Yay you on every front! to borrow e's word, "WOW!

  3. I'm disappointed by the amount of rain, keeping my last New England autumn from being really crazy. But last year was so stunning that I'll cope.

    To agree with e you are a super hero.


    I really, really want to fly you out to my future home to help me remodel. That's not selfish, right? ;)

    1. Not selfish at all. You only need to feed me.

  4. Zinc is actually one of those few OTC remedies that has good science backing it up.

    I have been loving the fall colors this year.