Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Full of Grace

1.  That life has been filled with so many outdoor things to do while the days are crisp and warm and the nights are clear and cool.   If I had my druthers I don't think I would ever go inside.

2.  That this is growing in my garden. I have tried for years to grow sunflowers and never had even one tiny stalk.  This year I didn't even plant seeds yet this is what smiles back at me from my kitchen window. I am beyond happy about it.

3.  Babysitting a 4 month old and a 20 month old for 36 hours.  Makes me very grateful that I was much younger when I had to do this full time.    Phew, they wore me out.  But in a very fun way.

4.  Sitting in my kayak for an hour just watching this amazing bird pace back and forth, patiently fishing.

5.  Primary election day today and I am very grateful that I live in a state where my choices are all good.  I can't imagine living in a state where the politics are so conservative that women and minorities are still fighting the same battles that were won in most places decades ago.   In fact, we were just enjoying a political commercial where a young man running for Congress said, "my husband and I."  Yep, that is a political asset here.  Like everything around me these days, it feels like a breath of fresh air.  


  1. It has been a pleasant beginning to September here as well. Lovely. Peace-filled.

  2. The sunflower is gorgeous! Last year we had dozens of them around the bird feeder - this year nothing :) Loving the cooler weather!

  3. The change of seasons always has an air of anticipation although I can't say I am always thrilled with the election season!

    I hope your Autumn continues with much happiness.

  4. I love the sunflower! And the egret! How beautiful and full of delight they are; and thank you for sharing them with us. :-)

    Autumn is a wonderful time of year. We are feeling parched and bone-dry here in the West but surely, surely, wetter days are coming. The cool nights are perfect.

    I'm glad you have sanity in your politics. I'm sure there are loonies on the other side of the ticket, but thank goodness for choices. Our very good, bordering on wonderful, senator is being challenged by a (R) woman who has not one but two restraining orders against her in her past. Both for stalking exes. But, she is funded by the big money machine... we'll see how that goes.

  5. that is an awesome sunflower. i've also tried to grow them with no success. this one, i think, decide you were a good family to join :^)

    the weather in our neck of the woods has been so great. and september is such a transformative month. no leaves on the ground yet--there will be time ahead for that!

    so happy for you, 8.