Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Full of Grace

Summer weather ended rather abruptly for us.  Quite suddenly the mornings are dark, the light has changed and the nights are very cool.  Although I generally like to ease a little more slowly out of summer, there is so much I love about fall.

1. The bedroom windows are open a bit to let the cold air in and the heavy blanket and down comforter are back on the bed.  There is something very soothing to me about sleeping under some weight.

2. And being able to snuggle.

3. The pool has closed.  Normally I find this the saddest part of the end of summer, but this year I am tired of cleaning it.  People seldom use it anymore, and it the constant vacuuming and chemicals and skimming and something always wrong with the pump - this year I was grateful to see the winter cover go on.

4. Having Beaner ask me to take her and her boyfriend on a hike on a cool, crisp Sunday morning.    Feeling very blessed to be asked, and got a great hike out of it too.

5. First apple cider donuts of the season,  hot out of the oven and melt in your mouth awesome goodness.


  1. I like when the weather transitions as well - I love to wear shorts and a sweatshirt... This morning Mary was so excited she could put a turtleneck on! Oh well - guess we will just have to enjoy what we get :)

  2. Fall fell quickly here as well. Mums and pumpkins are out among the sprinklers and pool toys. I still have watermelon in my refrigerator but now I want cider donuts!

  3. Apple. Cider. Donuts. Yes, must happen here. If feels like we never had a summer what with all the rain and moderate temps. I hope that if fall IS truly here that it hangs out a good long while before winter takes over. Let us have fall until spring. Yes?! Yes.

  4. Summer is still hanging on here and I am tired of the hot weather! We are supposed to get some rain this week and I couldn't be happier about that. The West is so dry and fires are burning everywhere. There's one just outside of a suburb near here and we can smell the smoke and see the smoky haze in the air. Dislike!

    I will say, though, that the garden has produced a lot this summer! We actually grew peppers, which is something of a feat in the PNW. I put in two plants and we've had enough to give away. Nice! We've also had a bumper crop of cukes and butternut squash.

    But, I am definitely looking forward to fall weather! Bring on the corduroy!

  5. ah yes fall. on the mass pike the leaves are changing, many oranges and yellows. even my rooms look different. it's a great time in new england. the farms around me are happy

    we're on an opposite schedule of your pool. we'll start the hot tub back up again and that means cleaning it. but in mid december, under the stars, it is so worth it.

    best wishes and love, 8

  6. Although I always dread winter, I do love fall. There's something invigorating about that little hint of chill and the changing colors.