Thursday, July 3, 2014

Random stuff

- The boyfriend's apartment fell through so he is again looking.  He stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights but will come for the weekend.  Thursday night thru Monday morning.   Oy! I think I need to leave that quote around about fish and house guests beginning to stink after 3 days.  

- Beaner’s great clinical assignment also fell through as the program lost its funding.  So now all the local spots have been filled and the university is trying to find her *something*.  Something could be an hour away and who knows what.  But Beaner, always positive, is taking it all in stride.  

-  I just discovered that the two most common searches that land on my blog are  “not having breasts”  and (all from southern states) “where do I get a 'the bro and his ho have got to go'  bumper sticker?" which takes them to my bumper sticker post.    I find this a little depressing.

- I read that the writers of the Broadway musical “If/Then” starring Idina Menzel said they chose to make her character an urban planner because: “we wanted a profession that a dynamic, intelligent, glamorous, but also very detail-oriented and somewhat wonky person would have.”   When I read this to Martha her reply was “well, they got the wonky right.”   Seriously, I get no respect.

-Martha and I spent a day at the lake fixing things that had broke.  The lawn mower is now working. (fingers crossed)  We replaced the heating elements in the water heater and we have hot water again. Yay!   We replaced an old (flush and pray) toilet with a new low flush model.  I repaired the roof where some shingles had gone missing.  Martha did something so we can now use the DVD player without spending an hour behind the TV playing with wires.  I did repairs on our new beach because the massive storm breached the barrier and washed a significant amount of sand into the lake. Martha installed a much needed outside outlet.   We are feeling quite accomplished.  Now if the gremlins could just stay away for a little while we might be able to use the cabin to sit, relax, read, etc.  

I hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) holiday weekend.  We will be at the lake, hopefully relaxing. Well, after we do a few chores, because you know, there is always something to do when you own a house.   But mostly it will be watching a little Wilmbelton (if we get reception), eating barbeque, napping, reading, making s’mores and then kayaking to the middle of the lake to watch the fireworks that folks around the lake set off.  No phones, no cable, no computer, no watches.  My kind of day.

You can’t rush if you don’t know the time.


  1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2014

    Oh I love that and have NEVER heard it before - "You can't rush if you don't know the time." What a wonderful thought!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend (hopefully the BF stays at home and you get the cabin to yourselves.)

    I'm also hoping you get to snuggle some with Martha and may you find an hour or two for yourselves.

    Enjoy and happy 4th!

  2. If is wonderful that you gals are so handy!

    I hope that the loose ends come together for Beaner and her boyfriend, that you enjoy a relaxing, hurricane free (?) holiday weekend, and that you get a little respect : )

  3. Have a great weekend, FORCE yourselves to relax! I've got family from out of town so it won't be as relaxing as it could be, but I love to see them.

    "You can't rush if you don't know the time." What a wonderful quote and concept!

  4. heck yeah. enjoy. relax. no rushing. yum.

  5. That does sound like a lovely, relaxing weekend.