Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Full of Grace

1. Going blueberry picking with my family.  This has been a yearly tradition since the girls were little and I love that they still want to go.

2. Surviving a deep tissue massage.  My regular massage therapist is out on maternity leave so I booked with a woman who lives in my neighborhood.  A very butch woman who used to be in the Marines.  What was I thinking?  I never knew someone could stick their elbow so far into my flesh.  Still, she did work out all the kinks and I am still standing.  

3. Biting into a peach and having the juice drip down my face and arms.  Summer fruit must be the food of the gods.

4. My brother-in-law narrowly missed death, but is now the proud owner of 4 heart stents.  He gave us some scary moments this week but I am grateful to have been able to hospital sit with my sister and see my BIL back in good health.  

5. An awesome storm at the lake where the thunder just echoed through the mountains.  And I had nothing better to do than to sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of nature.


  1. 1. It is lovely that they still want to go. Commentary of an experience filled with love.
    2. Ouch. But yeah, still standing to tell the tale.
    3. ahhh sweet summer sauciness.
    4. Sorry to hear your bil had been ailing. Pleased to hear has recovered and that you had the opportunity to sit with your sister in support.
    5. The joy (and grace) leaps off the page.
    5a. Love.

    1. Love and joy. Life is good.

  2. I thought Nutella was the food of the gods?

    1. I only recently discovered that Nutella can be heated in the microwave. Pour that over berries or peaches and know that there is a heaven.

  3. AnonymousJuly 29, 2014

    To copy TOD:

    1. I long to have blackberry bushes near me. And I used to pick blueberries for my mother when I was a child. I was perfect for the job because I detest them. So none snuck from the pail by me!
    2. I am keeping myself from asking for her name and number. ;)
    3. what ren said.
    4. Very glad your b-i-l is okay. Will send him (and your sister and you) good energy
    5. I'm a little weirded out by the tornado that happened in Revere and the tornado warning yesterday. I put a big bottle of water and a chair in the basement and am hoping I don't ever have to use either.


    1. 1. When my girls were little they would pick all the "green" blueberries. Yeah, that was helpful : )

      2. I'd be happy to pass it along although her partner might question your intentions.

      3. See above.

      4. Thank you for the good energy. One can never get enough of that.

      5. We have had one tornado touch down in our town and lots and lots of warnings. Tornadoes used to be very rare here. It is scary how the weather patterns are changing.

  4. Summer fruit. Yes. Just finished eating a perfect apricot. The freestone peaches will be hitting the markets next week and I am going to can up a bunch. Nothing like home canned peaches on vanilla ice cream in the winter...

    All the rest of your report: great!

    1. Yum. Is it hard to can peaches? Sounds like something worth the effort. I am currently tired of blanching and freezing green beans. But I will be happy I did come the winter. And 20 pounds of blueberries have been frozen for future pies and smoothies. (I love my magic bullet!)

  5. It all sounds tasty and the massage sounds painful. We canned fruit and veggies one summer and then got lazy and sold all the supplies in the garage sale. I was getting the bug to do it again this summer and I just got a "uh huh" from my partner. We were thinking about the bullet - do you like yours? Our blender leaves lots of "chunks".

  6. I love the magic bullet - although it sounds like a sex toy to me : )

    It's great for smoothies which is what I mostly use it for. The best part is the easy cleanup - they give you various cup and mug sizes to blend stuff in and then the base blade just unscrews and rinses off. I did try making pesto in it and thought a food processor would have been more efficient, but again, I was able to store the pesto in the same container I made it in. And because the blender is actually separate cups, my daughters and I can all make different smoothies, one after the other, without having to wash anything - just take your cup and go. But it is small - at best it can make 2 drinks.