Friday, March 7, 2014

Personality Tests

Spending time with my daughters a couple of weekends ago, they had me doing all these personality tests on FaceBook.   Here, for your entertainment pleasure, are the results.  Because you know, there is nothing more accurate than FaceBook.

Which of Jesus's disciples are you?  I'm not sure why my girls had me take this one - I'm sure they couldn't name more than 4 disciples.  Anyway, I got Philip:

This was actually pretty close to my personality, I think.

Which Downton Abbey character are you?

Flattering for sure.  But much more noble than I will ever be

Which Frozen character are you?
I liked this result.  It was probably this or Olaf the snowman.
But a fantastic sense of style?  My daughters are stilling laughing as I took this quiz wearing
an old pair of boxers, a ridiculously out of shape and stained t-shirt and a mismatched pair of cabin socks.

 Which State do you actually belong in?

Who thinks New York is the best result?  Obviously not someone who has lived through this winter.
The most exciting person in the room?   I have never, ever, ever been called the exciting person in the room.
But at least I'm living in the right state for my personality.

 What kind of tattoo should you get?
I am not a tattoo kind of person so I guess this is about right.

 What should your college major be?

It's not what my major was, but I wouldn't mind going back and getting this.

What do I actually need in life?

Apparently a pug dog to tell me I'm fabulous

Which Muppet am I?

Afraid and sensitive to noise - yes.
Cute?  Hmmmm, I'm thinking not.

And lastly, my biggest flaw?

I have no idea what I'm doing.  This made me laugh out load and is often times accurate.

And people wonder why I don't do FaceBook . . . 


  1. LOL Well, one can DO FB without doing the quizzes and such. Though, I admit once there, difficult to avoid 100%. Of these, I only did the Downton Abbey one. I got Anna also.

  2. Still, there is a general theme here - caring, compassionate, loyal, willing to do anything for those you love. From what I know of you, I think FaceBook nailed it.

  3. Because nothing determines your personality better than "what is your favorite condiment."

    Although, except for stylish, crazy at times,spontaneous, exciting, and clueless, this is pretty damned close.

    Maybe you should have chosen ketchup.

  4. Oh, those quizzes! So tired of them! I will confess to doing a couple, but there are just too many and I, well, I am not up on so many of the subjects. I did Travoltafy my name though... Elijah Keezy! My daughter is Zane Jerkson! LoL!

  5. Eli Dorniels! That would be me. Travoltafied.

    I would agree ... huge heart and great friend works well for you.