Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Full of Grace

1.  I have my sauna back!  Martha had some difficulty making the electrical connections work for the new heater and then the circuit breaker needed to be replaced, but finally, FINALLY, I can take a sauna again.  And oh how much I love it.

2.  Sitting typing this with a warm, purring cat snuggled next to me.

3.  “I love you mom”  texts.

4.  Tissue expansion almost done. They have increased each expansion from 60 cc to 90 cc and wow, are they uncomfortable. The expanders are now rock hard and feel like tupperware bowls jammed into my chest. One more fill up and I am done with this part.

5.  Peachie’s boyfriend here for the weekend which relieved me of having to watch all those basketball tournaments with Martha.   I do enjoy watching some college hoops, but this time of year it is just too much.   And it nice that Martha and the BF are bonding while Peachie and I are "the ladies who lunch."


  1. I have never enjoyed a sauna. For some reason the heat makes my skin itch. But I am happy you are able to enjoy yours again. And snuggling cats. And loving children and their boyfriends. And most especially that you are almost done with your reconstruction. That will be a day to celebrate!

    1. I think I love the sauna because no one dares to disturb me when I'm in it. 20 minutes of perfect quiet time. And I am definitely planning a celebrate when the reconstruction is complete.

  2. So glad for you to have your sauna back! My hot tub was down for a couple of weeks and I was *not pleased*.

    Cat - check
    Texts - check
    Boobs - check (the tupperware bowls sound uncomfortable, tho)
    Boyfriend - check - (how nice that he is fitting right in! Bonus!)

    I'd say this is a pretty good week, overall!

    1. If only the weather would warm, it would have been a perfect week!

  3. 1 Yay for the return of the sauna. 2 Double Yay for a (in my case plural) cat. Triple Yay for "I love you mom" texts! 4, Yikes for chests like tupperwear bowls...but yay for progress. 5. Yummy yay for boyfriend cameraderie.

    Onward to creating and embracing more joys!

    1. I also have plural cats. But much like my plural daughters - only one is a cuddler.

  4. Oh I want a sauna! When I was homeless, I would go to my gym (a place to shower) and "tan" so I could get the heat. It was sooo great. Just really good.

    Yay for cats and texts from daughters.

    Glad you are almost done with the expansion process.

    This is why it would be nice to have a gf. So she could watch football with my brother. ;)

  5. Yes, heat is so very comforting. There are days when it just feels so good to have it soak right down to the bone.

    My daughters' boyfriends have always loved Martha. She is a fanatic and can talk and watch sports all day long. They are always impressed with her (arcane) knowledge and that our basement is a shrine to the Yankees.

  6. sounds like a great week... well except for the bowls... we are ready for lots of bball...
    we are meeting a new boyfriend tonight :) and i wish i could say it was one of the two older ones that are single - but it is the youngest :O Enjoy the heat - glad the suana is fixed.