Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Full of Grace

This edition of my weekly gratitude is dedicated to people who work in the medical profession, and especially:

- The intake nurse who made me laugh and put my nervous nillies to rest.

- The nurse who got my IV started with only one stick.  I have horrible veins and it usually takes quite a few attempts. One stick was a great beginning.

- The anesthesiologist who spent a lot of time with me, concerned about my concerns, and who came back to sit with me when I was in recovery.  He was so sweetly apologetic that I had problems and even gave me his phone number if I needed to follow up.

- My plastic surgeon who has been so good spending time with Martha and allaying her concerns.  

- The recovery room nurse who - I don’t even everything she did for me - but she was there for the vomiting and the fainting and the uncontrolled weeping, and when I was finally ready to go home, I had the feeling that I just wanted to kiss her.  Her kindness just filled the room.

- And for Martha, who was against this surgery from the start but still has stood by me through the whole thing, including all the hospital sitting, changing bandages, dispensing meds, helping me dress, helping me get in and out of bed, and picking up everything I drop but can't reach down to pick up. She has been an amazing nurse, friend and partner.

I have such huge respect and admiration for medical people.  I’m not sure how they show up every day with the amount of care and compassion that they do.  So today, and every day, I am enormously grateful for people who take care of others.


  1. I am so happy the worst of it is behind you now and that you have received lots of loving care. Prayers continue for your journey to wholeness and for health care workers everywhere.

  2. Why don't you (edit this), print it out and send it to the hospital? They love to hear about positive experiences.

    I'm glad and relieved that this episode in the medical world has gone so much better for you. You've come a long damned way! Oh, one more thing: don't think that you are the only one who wakes up from anesthesia weeping, confused and/or filled with terror. We see it every day. It's a known side effect. Which, I realize, doesn't make it any easier to deal with. So, kudos to you for surviving the side effect in addition to the rest of the experience. :-)


    1. The letter is already in the mail. As a public servant, I do appreciate someone who takes the time to say thank you and I always try to do the same. Unfortunately though, I remember looking at name tags to remember individuals, but anesthesia brain has totally forgotten them. So my letter is more generic then I wanted it to be. Hopefully the hospital will be able to trace the actual personnel.

      It's nice to know that I am not the only one who has such a traumatic time with anesthesia. Not that I would wish it on anybody else, but it makes me feel a little less crazy. One more surgery to go and then hopefully, I will do done with hospitals for a long, long time.

  3. Yay. It is so important to verbalize splendid service and care. I am so glad you got it and of course, you acknowledged it. Of course you did. Yay to Martha and YaY to recovery.