Thursday, February 6, 2014


When my mother died two years ago, I began finding dimes.  I would find a random one on the carpet.  One in the washing machine.  On the floor of my car.  The places they would appear would be common or odd - one in my sauna - and it was always a solitary dime.  Never a penny or nickel or quarter.  I mentioned this to Martha when it first started happening and she said “it’s your mom.”  

I didn't really register what she had said and quickly filed it in the WTF? file.  But over the past two years, I have continued to find random dimes.  Sitting on the deck.  In a tool box.  In a doctor’s waiting room.   When packing for Key West I found one in a box where I stored my sandals.  

Last week I was looking for something to wear for my surgery and found the zip up hoodies Martha had bought me for my mastectomy recuperation.  (Breast removal and reconstruction surgery makes it very difficult to put clothes on over your head)   And of course, when I put one on as I left for the hospital, I put my hand in the pocket and found a dime.   And Martha said “your mom is watching over you.”  I smiled.

Then during some of my recuperation down time I googled “finding dimes.”  It’s actually a thing!  So many people reporting the same phenomenon - finding dimes after someone close to them had died. Weird huh?

I don’t really know what to make of this kind of stuff but I do kind of wish I had kept an accounting of all the dimes and all the places I have found them.  I am going to start a list and get a jar to store them in. Maybe they do have something to tell me?


  1. Yes, weird. But very comforting.

  2. I don't think it's weird at all. I'm sure 100% that there is life after death and they go on. And I'm equally sure that the movie Ghost was right and you get to take the love you hold in your heart with you.

    For some people it's dimes and for some it's pennies and for some it's a tree burst in to blossom (I will tell that story at some point) but I think they look for ways to tell us they're still around. And in 21st century America, dimes are easier to come by, so to speak. (There's also the association with Mercury, who was a messenger from the gods and the Mount Olympus ... and he was also a guide to the dead in the Greek afterlife.)

    Anyway, that aside aside, I totally think she is saying that she is with you and watching over you and sending you love and comfort.

  3. I just googled "finding dimes." That is freaky.

    But why dimes? So many other people also experienced dimes, there must be something to it. Earth and Ink has an interesting theory but I assume most of your dimes were Roosevelts. Personally I would associate pennies from heaven. Or in your case, jars of Nutella :) Still, very, very interesting and fun to think about.

  4. I love this. Any contact is good. I have found a few as well, and didn't pay attention to it... maybe I'll start.

    Save those dimes. Put them in a little jar (or wooden box?) on your altar. They will always make your mom feel close.


  5. Whether they have something to tell you or not, they are reminding you of the special connection you had with your mother and that alone is wonderful.

  6. I love this! Thanks to you I'll be on the lookout from now on .

    More and more I believe the line between life and death is very thin. That your Mom lets you know she is still with you is an awesome blessing

    Martha sounds like a wise cookie