Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Full of Grace

1.  All my holiday preparation is done.  Gifts made and bought and wrapped and mailed.  Cookies baked and distributed.  Stockings stuffed.  I am positively gloating while all those about me are in chaos.

2.  Slow dancing in the dark.  

That probably sounds more romantic than it actually was, but I’ll take it.

3.  Snow storm coming and having the house fully stocked with food.  And by 'food', I mean junk food.

4.  Hot chocolate made with almond milk.  Yum!

5. Ohboy ohboy ohboy ohboy!  SNOW!  And LOTS of it!   And it was perfect snow, soft and light and airy, the kind you can walk right through without snowshoes, even though it is up to your knees.  And when the sunlight hit it, it looked like a million diamonds glittering.   Absolutely dazzling!   I love snow in December.  (by February I’m pretty much over it : )


  1. How lovely to be able to relax and enjoy the Advent season, dance in the dark and have a full larder. And even lovelier to still have that childlike wonder and excitement for the first snowfall. You make me smile.

    1. I do feel like a child for that first real snowfall. I am the first one making snow angels and snow cones and snow angels. I get very excited about it. The I have to get put the snow blower and shovel and some of the magic disappears. : )

  2. Oh how I needed this list today - I specifically hit feedly to see if it was up yet. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. These all made me smile on this dark and dreary day. love and light and enjoy that snow - it looks so perfect in all my friends' photos from up your way.

    1. Happy to help lift your spirits! It truly was a perfect snow.

  3. I love that you are gloating! Ha! All of you early completers... I share an office with one. She is also gloating.
    We've actually done pretty well this year, mostly because we had the teenager for a weekend and figured it would be fun to do holiday stuff with her.

    Snow and a full larder (including junk food!) sounds wonderful to me. There was a poll on our work intranet asking what everyone's favorite winter sport was -- the clear winner was 'drinking hot cocoa in my pajamas'.

    Enjoy the dancing! Enjoy the season! Enjoy the snow! Enjoy the family!

    1. Well, half my family is Jewish so I was finished with them in November. It made December all that much easier.

      'Drinking hot cocoa in my pajamas' . . . I think if that was an Olympic sport I'd have a good shot at the gold in Sochi : )

  4. 1. Love your list. As usual.
    2. I am as finished as I intend to be except for addressing & sending holiday cards to clients. I'm happy you're done and are gloating. YaY
    3. Dancing in the dark--yummy. Remiinds me of that old song, "Playing Pianos In the Dark" Yummy
    4. Full larders and hot chocolate. win win.
    5. It isn't even officially winter and I am already over the snow. Too much came too soon. Would probably feel better about it if it hadn't come calling with such freezing temperatures. Or you know, other stuff wasn't going on.

    Still, happy you are happy and you're loving the pretty, dazzling snow.

    1. We gave up sending cards a few years ago. Sort of sad really, but now everyone connects on-line. BUt yes, that was a time consuming activity.

      I have to go youTube "Playing Pianos in the Dark" I don't know that one, but it sounds like something I would like.

      When it first snowed here is was a lovely 28 degrees. But the next day brought sub zero temps and I could only enjoy the snow from inside. And now it is gray and slushie. I think that's why I appreciate it so much when we get that rare perfect snowfall.

      Always sending you peace and love.

  5. I'm in a weird place where half of my holiday stuff is done and already delivered and the other half not so much. So I think I'm a wee bit jealous!

    I love the idea of dancing in the dark in a non-ironic way. Ah me.

    Junk food? (Note my ears perking up!)

    I am glad you are enjoying the snow. I will admit it's gorgeous.