Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Full of Grace

1.  In this season of miracles, another one has occurred!  Martha actually threw some old, unneeded stuff out.  It didn't go in the box to bring up to the lake (the next stop for most unwanted/unneeded stuff), it didn't go in the “I think I could repair this piece of crap”  bin.  No, she actually threw stuff out.  In the garbage.  And the garbage men came this morning, so it is really gone. Wonders may never cease.

2.  Beaner’s boyfriend called and asked if he could fly up (he currently lives in Florida) to surprise her for her birthday.   Normally, that would not be that big of a deal, but she has had some very hard luck with boyfriends recently so I am doubly grateful that this one is very kind and seems to care a great deal for her.  

3.  Fighting a cold/cough that has moved in for the long haul.  But having the freedom to leave work and stay home, or take a nap and come back, or just work from home.   There are so many things about my job for which I am grateful, but the ability to come and go as I please is on the top of the list.

4.  That Martha has finally stopped singing “Climb every Mountain” after watching the Sound of Music special last week.   Wow, what an ear worm!  Crap, now it is back in my head.

5.  Knowing that this is an actual store.  Somewhere.  I need to find out where.  Lord have mercy.


  1. And the miracles just keep coming!!! All good news, indeed!

    Please, step away from the nutella...

  2. 1. Yay!
    2. I find this seriously sweet.
    3. I am very glad you get to take care of yourself. Feel better sooner than soon!
    4. This makes me laugh.
    5. I'll have you know that I have succumbed to the Nutella fixation. I blame you. (I like it with coffee ice cream.) I feel a pilgrimage coming on. ;) I hope Santa leaves you a jar under your tree. And maybe one of those weird stick to go things.