Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Full of Grace

1. Wednesday
Spent a little time delivering turkey dinners to shut-ins. They are always so appreciative it is such a high. Then Beaner’s boyfriend arrived for the holiday and Peachie’s showed up for just the night.  I am beginning to see the future and it’s very nice.  My girls are happy and we like the men in their lives.

2. Thursday
Bagels, the parade, and the dog show, all curled up in our jammies.   I love traditions.

A short, energizing nap.

Dinner with Martha’s niece and family.  I knew it was going to be a little rough as infidelities have caused one divorce and threatens another marriage. I spent my time with the babies and the Cowboys (oh yes!) and stayed away from the drama and the drinking.  It was a good choice and I had a delightful time.  I love her family. They are such good and gracious people even when they are going through difficult times.

3. Friday
While my crazy family went early morning shopping, I went to help a friend who supplies firewood for families in need.  A few hours outdoors with a chainsaw and a splitter. Actually, I am afraid of splitters, so I did some cutting, but mostly stacking.  Lots of stacking. A great way to work off some of those sweet potato pounds.

An “oh my back is aching” nap.

Many of my daughters’ friends are home from school and came to visit. Most of them I have known since they were in preschool and consider them my ‘other’ daughters. So nice to watch them grow up, go off to school but still come together as if no time had passed.

Went and got our Christmas tree.   Hot chocolate and Xmas carols.

And then the girls went out with their friends.  Are we alone?  Oh yes, some sweet sexy time.  It’s funny how we are alone all the time now, but in the midst of so much activity this weekend, we felt like teenagers getting away with something while the parentals were away.

4. Saturday
House decorating, in and out.   All Thanksgiving/Autumn packed up.  Outdoor lights, santas, snowmen, garland, trying to get the tree to stand up in the stand, and for the first year - being able to display my mother’s creche. Christmas decorating has to be done as a family so we have a short window to get it done while the girls are home.   Lots of frantic activity.

An “I have to get away from all this activity” nap.

Watched Auburn beat Alabama  (Oh no!)  Trimmed the tree with the help of many ‘other’ daughters. Egg nog and cookies.  Yum.

5. Sunday
Went to the gym with Peachie to work off the cocoa and eggnog and cookies.   Learned new exercises with a kettlebell.   So nice to have a daughter studying athletic training and exercise science . . . who doesn't laugh at me.

Came home to the news of the NYC train derailment.  It is the same train I often use and the one that my daughter and her friends use constantly between their campus and the city. Spent some anxious hours waiting to hear from many of those friends.  Fortunately, aside from trying to figure out how they were going to get back to school, everyone was found safe and sound.

A “thank the universe” nap.

Sending the girls back to school. Kisses and hugs and only three weeks before they are home again.

Looking back on my long Thanks Giving weekend, it doesn't take much effort to write out a ridiculously grateful list.   Friends, family, food, warmth, cozy naps, home, health and love.  Lots and lots of love.   

Going to bed Sunday night, all I could think about was when a good friend of mine met Daphne for the first time.  Her response to me later was “you are one lucky fuck.”

I was then.  

I am now.  

Life is amazing.


  1. Your joy and gratitude spill out from every activity. You are one of the "lucky" ones who have truly found the meaning in life and love. And by "lucky" I mean someone who has constantly worked on sowing seeds of love and gratitude, and are now reaping the benefits.

    Thank you for letting me know that your family and friends are safe. Prayers to all those affected by that tragic accident.

  2. I LOVE this little glimpse into your life! It's really nice to read.

    Life IS amazing - happy, happy.

  3. You are one lucky fuck. And I am very glad. Lovey post. Just lovely.

  4. The best part is that you know it...

  5. Yep. All that has been said. <3 this post.