Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Full of Grace

1.  One full week without someone I love being in a hospital.

2.  Walking around the neighborhood Peachie, we were invited to join in a hopscotch game.   What great memories that invoked!   Note to self:  need a lot of balance work.

3.  Saturday night with my butt in a float, drifting around a mountain lake, under the super moon.   Well, it was one day short of super, but oh, what a delightful sight in a fabulous setting!

4.  Introducing Martha's grand niece to the pleasures of the pool.  Babies and water - it doesn't get much better!

5.  Playing hookie from work for a couple of hours to see a matinee of Monsters University with Martha and the girls.  We try to always see the Disney/Pixar films together, a tradition I hope will continue into grand-parenthood.


  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2013

    I love that tradition.

    And so glad you enjoyed the moon in a float. That sounds ... amazing, frankly.

    And obviously number 1 is the best of them all.

    1. Yes, number 1 is absolutely the best. Unfortunately as I age, my friends and family do too and medical issues are becoming more prevalent. I dread the time when all we do is visit each other in hospitals and sit around and complain about our aches and pains.

      Like you, I needed to be in water to stay cool this weekend (no air conditioning at the camp). The moon was just incredible entertainment.

  2. I was just remembering putting a baby in your pool and having their diaper absorb half the water!

    1. Well, this baby went in butt naked and avoided the 100 pound diaper.

  3. These are all wonderful! Wish I could join your gang at the lake, or at the pool. Hopscotch on, woman!

  4. Oh how I wish you would join me too! This is an Adirondack chair just waiting for you.

    I could probably write an entire post on the obvious deterioration of my hopscotch skills. The word awkward comes to mind.

  5. HOPSCOTCH!! Summer = hopscotch diagrams and all manner of sidewalk chalk art. ♥

    And number 1: thumbs up.