Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Full of Grace

1.  New Year's Eve kisses

2.  Kaleidoscopes

3.  Flannel sheets

4.  Finally being able to reach the microwave. 

5.  Albert Einstein hair - I can point a hairdryer at my hair but still can't get my arms high enough to style it.   The new look is keeping me humble.


  1. Once you can reach the microwave, you can conquer the world!

  2. Love number one and the Einstein hair. You go!

  3. Better and better.

    Love the Einstein hair... ever think about just letting it dry on it's own?

  4. e - oh how I wish I could, but I can't towel dry it either so it just drips on me. I get the hair dryer to about chin level and point up. It makes for some "interesting" styles.

  5. Ah me. New Year's eve kisses. I'm dreamy sighing at that one. And at flannel sheets. I forgot about them! (Too many years in the southwest...and if I'm considering moving northeast, I'd best remember them.)

    I bet you totally rock Einstein hair.