Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Full of Grace

1.  Getting back (slowly) to the gym.

2. Being able to exercise with no bounce.

3. No sweaty, clingy sports bra to wrestle out of.

4. Finally being able to shave my armpits. Sort of. My right side is still numb and a little swollen. But I did manage a fairly good hack job.

5. Being able to sauna. (Yay!!! Fireworks !!! Happy dances !!!)    I do love a sauna.


  1. Look at you! One month after surgery and back to the gym. Happy dances indeed!

  2. Tour de Cure. June 3rd. Century ride. No excuses.

  3. You are going to encourage me to start going to the gym period. (I'm terrible about this. However, middle-age spread is, well, spreading. I'm not thrilled with that either.)

  4. Laurie - it feels sooo good to be moving again.

    ren - 10 miles for sure. 25 maybe. No way I'm doing 100.

    Em - I can be very encouraging. My problem is now that I've lost so much weight on top, the bottom is VERY obvious. I really need a thigh- and ass- ectomy.

  5. Congrats on getting back to the gym - that's big time!