Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decisions decisions

A friend recently gifted me with a certificate to a spa. I have never had a professional massage so I am very excited by this. Also, the gift was so generous that I can do massage and something else. I can’t stand to have anyone touch my feet, so a pedicure is out.  I thought maybe a facial since I have been a sun worshipper since birth and my skin is more than showing it.

Anyway, the brochure had at least 20 different massages and facials to choose from. I weeded it down but I really have no idea how to choose, so if any of you have any experience with these kinds of things, I would sure appreciate a little advice. What would you choose?
Massages -

You will slip away to Eastern Asia when you experience our Oriental influenced body treatment and massage. This extraordinary massage and body treatment is performed using two heated "dumplings" made up of the highest quality essential oils, fresh herbs, coconuts, and limes that give off an exotic, warm fragrance. These warm dumplings are passed quickly over the body using various massage techniques, and as they cool, they move more slowly. Pressure is applied to the muscles, and the herbs and essential oils are released onto the skin leaving you relaxed and glowing.
The Swedish is a relaxing and therapeutic massage that incorporates the full body using traditional long strokes combined with kneading techniques. This is the best technique to increase your circulation, improve the skin and muscle tone, and soothe tired muscles.

The Essence Massage is 75 minutes of pure indulgence. We start by creating a customized blend of essential oils that you help choose depending on the results you are looking for. The oils are then incorporated into the massage to bring relaxation, a total de-stressing, or revitalization...whatever you need. A gift of essential oil is included.
This one-hour massage is designed to target specific areas deep within the muscle tissues assisting in the removal of lactic acids allowing our systems to work more effectively. This is the perfect massage to relieve that stress and tension.
A full 90 minutes, this massage combines tension-releasing techniques with smooth river stone therapy. The stones are gently warmed and serve as an extension of your therapist’s hands, as the weight and heat relaxing muscle tissues to allow for true, deep restoration.
Facials -

These luxurious facials are anything but fluff. More than just a tasty treat, these facials contain antioxidant properties that fight free radicals. Our fantasy facials include a layered mask that enhances the anti-aging effects. Diminish sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles as well as firm, lift and tone the skin. Savor the sweet aroma of radiance. CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉ | MANGO PARFAIT | CRANBERRY CREAM

This facial is specifically designed to wipe away the effects of dehydrated or fatigued skin and will leave you looking and feeling refreshed and renewed. French seaweed is incorporated into this facial providing the benefits found only in French seawater, waters which are known to be rich in trace elements.

All of the soothing benefits of our Signature Facial along with a special peeling mask. This unique mask provides a gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin free of dead cells while restoring its suppleness. Enjoy the refreshing benefits of this treatment that will leave you positively radiant.

FOREVER YOUNG FACIALFrance’s Pasteur Institute developed the revolutionary firming and lifting agents used in this facial. A combination of Epidermal Growth Factor, red wine, lactic and glycolic acids, vitamins A, C, E and K minimizes wrinkles, and gives skin a lift beyond compare. Recommended for normal and dry skin.

Problematic dry, sun-damaged and aging skin, this is your answer. Boost your facial with a Glycolic Grape Veil mask to help regain your ultimate complexion.

While your body is immersed in our warm and soothing hydrotherapy tub, relax and enjoy a face, neck, and shoulder massage using a special blend of pure plant extracts. Move then to a comfortable room to enjoy the application of a mask with nourishing moisturizer.


  1. I've had a hot stone massage which was pure heaven and very nerve soothing. I've never had a facial but the chocolate souffle seems right in your wheelhouse. "More than just a tasty treat" - does that mean you can eat it too?

  2. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

    I agree with Ren - that chocolate souffle sounds perfect for a chocoholic like you. I would be most tempted by the Island of Dreams massage. Just the name alone has me melting.

  3. Hot stone massage, without a doubt. Until very recently, I got one every month--even in July and August.

    I think I could not resist a chocolate souffle facial....

  4. As delighful as that Island of Dreams sounds, don't you have an issue with coconut? I might consider the Swedish massage as an overall body conditioner before surgery, or the hot stones to calm your anxiety level.

    I will also vote for the Delectable Indulgence facial, although I would choose the mango parfait.

    Or you and Martha could do a couple's massage . . .

  5. Hot stone is the absolute BEST massage I've ever had. I'd do a double hot stone, if I had the $$$.

    I like the suggestion of a couples massage tho!

    As a thought, I always tell the masseuse I have some issues with some places being touched and that I need them to be extra aware that I'm a rape survivor. It seemed stupid the first time I said it, but it gave me the space to relax and enjoy.

  6. For a first time massage I would recommend the Swedish. It will be very relaxing. I have no advice on the facial except that you probably should get something with an exfoliant... but they all sound wonderful.

    Really, this will be your first massage? Plan on getting one a month after this. Or, plan on it when the girls are out of college...

  7. I have never had a massage but I would want to be immersed in chocolate souffle in that warm smoothing, hydrotherapy tub. Is that an option?

  8. I love the deep tissue massage but with the work I do, they are the best for me. I have never had a facial.

  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It looks like its narrowed down to either the Swedish or hot stone massage.

    And a friend reminded me that I have very sensitive skin and can only use Dove sensitive soap. So I think I will leave it to the experts at the spa to decide what kind of facial. But if I can't have the chocolate souffle on my face, I am definitely asking for a spoon.

    Kalisis - yes. I would never been able to do this before. It has been one of the great unexpected benefits of therapy that I will now be able to speak of my concern/needs. I am cautiously optimistic that I will be able to relax and enjoy it.

    E - Yep, first time mostly for that whole touching issue. Also, as you point out, the cost is outrageous - massage/tuition, massage/tuition - hard to choose.