Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Full of Grace

1. Having both my daughters home, together for the first time since early August, to celebrate all the abundance in our lives.

2. Sweater weather.

3. Finished Martha’s birthday shopping with 24 hours to spare.

4. Nutella by the (very large) spoonful.

5. Hugs. I have received so many hugs lately. One can never have too many of those.

and then I just found this, posted today on Dorothy Surrenders

Thank you Universe!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Happy Birthday to Martha.
    Happy drooling over Cate.
    And so many more happy hugs coming to you.

  2. What ren said.

    (Although I think both Cate and Nicole could use a bacon-double-cheeseburger, STAT! ;-)

  3. What a blessing to have your children home for the holidays. Please extend my birthday wishes to Martha and save some Nutella for me.

  4. Have a wonderful long weekend, 8.

    Hey! Is Martha's birthday tomorrow?!?!? The 23rd? So is T's!!!



  5. Yay for Nutella. Yum. (I think it's one of the lesbian food groups.)

    Also yay for kids home for holidays. My son came here for my birthday in May and it was wonderful!

    And happy birthday to Martha!