Friday, August 26, 2011

Moving Mountains

Every once in a while the universe gives me something that totally changes my perspective and suggests a whole new set of possibilities.

Earlier this week I was talking to Lauren’s daughter, telling her about how her mother had helped me finally push that f*cking boulder up the hill and how I felt like I am back at the bottom having to push it back up a f*cking mountain, alone.

And she said to me “instead of pushing the boulder up, why don’t you just move the mountain out of the way?” (Oh yes, she is her mother’s daughter)

Yes, why not? And a thousand light bulbs started exploding in my head.

I am now leaving for a short backpacking trip into the mountains. (Probably made even shorter by the impending hurricane Irene.) A couple of days to ponder different perspectives, cosmic questions, and exactly how do you move mountains?


  1. By having faith that you can.

  2. Yes, why not?

    Here is a beautiful example of one man who did:

    How do you move a mountain? One shovel full at a time.

    Enjoy your time in the mountains. May it open many "ah ha" pathways to your light bulb ideas.

  3. exactly how do you move mountains?

    I suspect with the help of people who love you...

    Shovels up!!!


  4. Wow, this is such an interesting and powerful change of perspective!

    Yes, yes, yes - shovels up!!!

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