Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Full of Grace

1. Feeling the bittersweet sadness of my baby girl leaving for college tomorrow.

2. Taking a delightful walk in a warm summer rain with her.

3. Having her tell me that there has not been one day that she has not felt loved.

4. Her friends all crying in the basement together, and still laughing through the tears.

5. Appreciating every day how much my children have given me.


  1. Awwwww.

    The very special relationship you have with her will carry you both through this transitional time.

    As you always say - "time to grow ... again"

  2. There has not been one day that you have not made me feel loved.

    I will be at the other end - with the tissues.

  3. And how much you have given them.

  4. It's a tough time. Try to stay busy. Maybe, just for the first couple of weeks or so, you could get her to text you once a day. Just to say Hi. Just because. Because of all that love.


  5. I was going to write exactly what Kalisis said.

    Watching them leave the nest is bittersweet indeed. Fortunately they are close enough to easily come home.

  6. A lovely testament to an obviously beautiful relationship. You are blessed to have each other.