Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Full of Grace

Surviving the traditional annual swim across the lake (and back) with my daughter.  Next year I may need swimmies.

Blueberry picking during a warm thunderstorm and getting totally drenched.

Cookies made with nutella.

Cooking a frittata, which my family said was very edible. Probably the highest praise I have ever received for my cooking.

Knowing that I can, and will, push that boulder back up the MF hill.


  1. "... which my family said was very edible..." Ha! Now, that makes me laugh! Twins, me and you.

    Good to hear about things like Lake Swims, and blueberry picking, and cookies.

    Keep pushing. After all of this, you are mighty strong.


  2. I read this and got an idea that you should put the Nutella and blueberries on the top on the hill for extra incentive. . .

    Always here to help you push.

  3. Knowing that you can -

    swim across a lake
    and push that boulder back where it belongs.

    Yes you can.