Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

I am just coming off a 5 day visit with the women of my family at our lake house. We have been doing this for the last 5 years and I think this was the best visit ever. I noticed some changes as we have all gotten older:

- Now that my daughters are older, their relationship with their older cousin has gotten closer. The three of them had their heads together most of the weekend, giggling, telling secrets, driving into town to do some shopping.

- I asked my niece to drop the “aunt” and just use my first name. She is now more of a friend than just my sister’s daughter. I like it.

- Now that everyone knows their way around the house and the town, I didn’t have to do a thing. Everyone took care of their own needs, got their own drinks, towels, etc. When Peachie had to come back home for a sport’s meeting, she drove herself there and back. I really didn’t have to do a thing all weekend.

And some things never change:

- My sister showed up stating that we were going to do a triathlon everyday - walk around the lake, kayak and swim. Not quite. We accomplished more of a daily uniathlon. Just like every year.

- I still have to suffer through the jibes of an older sister - when I brought a plate of english muffins out for breakfast - “I see your cooking skills have improved - now you can actually toast them”

- and the probing of my mom - Have you found a church yet? No. Are you ever going to finish that PhD? No, I don’t think so. (Why, no matter how old I get, do I often feel like an inept little girl in my mother’s eyes? )

And every night when we went to bed, she would tuck the covers around me - sweet dreams baby girl. You too mom. Don’t forget to say your prayers. Yes ma’am. (And sometimes it feels so good to be that little girl)

This weekend I am going on a short backpacking trip, just one night. I can’t believe it is already mid August and this will be my first trip into the Adirondacks. Where has the summer gone? We are going to one of my favorite places - a less than 5 mile hike to a beautiful mountain lake that has a sandy beach. I can pack light and detox from family and junk food. I will spend the weekend watching peregrine falcons and go skinny dipping under the stars.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I don't think we ever outgrow the watchful eye or the tender care of our mothers. And would you really want to?

    I'm hearing stories about leeches in some Adirondack lakes - be careful out there.

  2. It sounds like the most blissful weekend of relaxation. I'm so glad it went smoothly.

    "sweet dreams baby girl" still has me smiling.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Leeches!!! How do you know if there are leeches in the water?

    greg - and I still say the same thing to my daughters : )

  4. Glad to hear that you have welcomed these changes as well. There are some people who actually miss the fact that the children used to rely on them. But this also means that the children are becoming grown ups, too. :-)

    Sounds like a relaxing weekend lies ahead for you....nekkid, too!

  5. I wish my family had this tradition. It sounds lovely, despite all the unchanging family stuff ~ or maybe because of it.

    Have a great time backpacking! Will you be able to see the meteor shower?

  6. Steven - so nice to see you back. I hope you return to blogging soon. I miss your adventures.

    e - No, unfortunately the meteor shower ended this morning. But I was in the woods last year and had a great view of it. Unbelievably beautiful.

  7. You have inspired me - My daughter, daugher-in-law and sister are meeting in NYC for a pampered weekend: day at the spa, shopping, and a show.

  8. Sounds divine! Even with the small hiccups of older sisters and the expectations of our parents, I am not exactly envious, but certainly can appreciate it from afar.

    The hike sounds beautiful and wonderful. I hope you are blissed out and enjoying yourself tremendously at this very moment. :)