Friday, July 30, 2010

Butch Weekend

This will be a working weekend at our lake house. We need to have a new well drilled - our old, dug well apparently long past its useful life. But in order for the well driller to get his rig onto to property, we had to have six large trees removed. Most of these trees were interfering with power lines so the power company came and carefully took them down for us, but they did not remove them.

Although I don’t consider myself very butch, I do like that side of myself. I enjoy doing manual labor projects and particularly woodworking. I used to build furniture in my garage workshop until it got covered up and taken over by the girl’s sports equipment.

So this weekend I will be donning the work boots and muscle shirt (sans muscles) and firing up the chain saw. Hot, sweaty, butch work.

And just for balance - I also made new curtains for the back porch.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Now if you could only cook . . .

  2. I loves me a hot, sweaty butch with a chainsaw!

  3. Ha! Perfect combo ~ hot, sweaty butch with a chainsaw and a sewing machine... Nice!

    Have fun and say a little prayer over the trees.

  4. I LOVE it! I'd kill for six big trees to appear in my front yard so I could cut them up for firewood!

    Have fun and be careful.

  5. Well, look at you! I wish I were more of a handygirl. There are little things around the apartment that need fixing and changing but I'm always concerned about breaking something. Do you know how to replace a shower head (the old school type) by any chance? B/c if you do, you and your work boots and muscle shirt (love it!) are needed asap!