Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Perfect Yesterday

This was my day yesterday -

Martha: I just had a very sexy dream

Me: Was I in it?

Martha: You were the star.

Me: Can I reprise the role?

And so my perfect day began.

After my family left for school, I had my coffee in the backyard where we had spent the weekend uncovering the pool, washing patio furniture and planting all the deck flowers. (We went from gray winter drab to sunny flowery springtime in one beautiful weekend) I spent a relaxing time, surrounded by the smell of lilacs and lily of the valley, still savoring the flush of early morning loving. I would not have been surprised if an animated bluebird had landed on my shoulder.

When I got to work someone had left a Peppermint Patty on my desk. Nice.

I opened my email to find that a project I had worked on for years just won a New York State Design award. A nice professional ego stroke.

And then another email from a resident thanking me for some information I had sent them. (Wow, who takes the time to say thank you to a government worker these days?)

A text from Beanie saying she had a free block, did I want to have lunch together? Really? My 18 year old daughter is inviting me to lunch? I began looking for the cameras. Am I on Candid Camera or something?

Had a wonderful lunch with her. It is a strange but wonderful thing when you realize your baby has become a woman and is about to start off on her own. Yes, I was getting a little teary.

Back to work to make some calls I had been procrastinating about and then on to therapy.

When asked how my week was, I went off about the church Elder ignoring my question about Beanie. And we spent the hour talking about anger. It is rare that I get angry. And I usually deal with it by going to the person and working out the problem. But the church folks have made that impossible so it was good to be able to vent that for awhile. Even better to get validation that I have every right to be angry. So instead of leaving therapy with my guts hanging out, I left feeling strong and empowered.

Everyone was home for dinner where the conversation centered around the last remaining issue for the upcoming proms - hair. Should they wear it up? Down? Messy curls? Okay, I was absolutely no help with that.

Took a sauna and then shared the couch to watch the rest of the Yankees game with Martha. They won which always puts Martha is a good mood.

Went to bed and slept peacefully. All. Night. Long.

I can’t wait to see what today brings . . .


  1. Wow. I'm totally jealous :)

  2. The animated bluebird landing on your shoulder made me laugh out loud - that was so vivid.

    You made a cameo in my dream last night (not the Martha kind of dream!! ::chuckle::). You were just passing by in a car and we nodded to eachother. Very comforting, as always.

    Congratulations on your perfect day, especially the award!! Woo hoo. Here's to another day just like that.

  3. That's awesome! This day has been waiting for you. :)

  4. You must have some really good karma coming back to you.

    No surprise there.

  5. What a lovely day! Winter to spring in temperature and temperament. I wish many of those days for you.