Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grow Old Along With Me

When I was home for Easter my (older) sister and I were comparing wrinkles. Having grown up at the beach we both suffer from the skin damage of a life time of sun worshiping. Personally I don’t mind the crinkly smile lines around my eyes but lately it seems that my cheeks are succumbing to gravity and I am starting to get jowls. Oh good god.

Yesterday my sister sent me an article about wrinkle creams and plastic surgery. (So great to have a sister : ) First it said place a mirror on the floor and look down at yourself. This is what you’ll look like in a few years. Yikes! Then it said to look at your face while laying on your back. This is how you could expect to look after a face lift. Hmmm

But then I realized how I must look when I am on top rather than on the bottom, if you get my drift. So I said to Martha that I am never taking the top again unless the lights are out.

And she said, “what difference does it make? I can’t see you without my glasses on anyway”

We have a sampler in our bedroom that says "Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be"

Maybe. But sometimes I do miss my 20 year old body.


  1. That's the trick! I need to somehow convince gf to take out her contacts the moment she gets home every night. ;) Too funny.

  2. No matter the body, it is a blessing to be able to grow old together.

  3. That's so funny, and so danged true! But, wrinkled, spotty, crepe-y, I love every inch of her skin... yes, I look forward to growing older and ever more wrinkled together.

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  4. Oh lord, if you think you have jowls, I must look like a bassett hound!

  5. Ha ha. No way am I tempted to look at the mirror like that!! You are a brave one...I'm not sure I'll ever be ready--it will just happen anyway. And my lipstick will still be there...

  6. Yikes...wrinkles. Well, I'm starting to get a few here and there.
    I try not to think about them...but my wife and look forward to growing old together...but like you at times, I miss my 20 year old body.


  7. HA! So true on all accounts. I like Martha's response!