Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Full of Grace

I am so fortunate to live close enough to New York City and to have the financial means necessary to take advantage of the amazing performances and art that the city offers.

And a full day of seeing Cate live on stage in The Present and then playing 13 different characters on 13 different screens for the Manifesto art installation made for a very awestruck, weak in the knees, me.

Having a guaranteed pension and health benefits that has allowed me to say “take this job and shove it.”  I didn’t really say that - in fact I am forever grateful for a career that I loved and the wonderful people I have collaborated with over the years.  I am acutely aware that it is a great privilege to be able to now retire with no financial worries.

Meryl Streep. I am not big on celebrities using award shows to espouse political views but wow, you just have to love Meryl when she nails it.

Choosing my word for the year WOTY - “Marriage”.  After having shared our lives for over a quarter century, I have found that I take Martha for granted. We do indeed finish each other’s sandwiches. So this year, now legally married, I am going to refresh my primary relationship by creating and sharing new adventures, upping my appreciation, and centering on gentle kindness, even when she is on my last nerve.


  1. Go You!

    Ok, so the job thing, yeah! So fantastic. Great decision. I'm glad you know how lucky you are, and I'm glad that you are lucky. :-)
    Your girl, Cate... wow! How in the world did you luck out like that? ::insert sound of admiring whistle:: And, look at her! Brave.
    Meryl - all the props, lady. Agree with you, 8, about celebrities and politics, but that's what passes for dignified exposition these days.
    WOTY - I smiled when I read your word. There is a wonderful synchronicity to your wedding/marriage and your retirement. Your focus would have changed anyway, with the increase in self-directed activity, and now you can give more than a passing thought to your primary relationship. I love that there will be new adventures! I'm hopeful for a travelogue! :-)
    Thanks for the ongoing reminder to look for the good...

  2. That's a wonderful resolution/word.

  3. so happy you are a happy lucky duck. you'll love the time. i'm wrapping up too and i'm super excited.
    maybe you'll be traveling to provincetown one day?!!
    love your pal