Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Full of Grace

I was going to write some thoughts about moving forward after this election but, I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of burned out and will save that for another day. So even though there is much to be concerned about today I will center on my gratitudes.

  • My almost 25 year old social worker daughter is now working with kids. She has asked for children’s games to use in her office for Christmas. So I am now buying CandyLand and Chutes and Ladders and it makes me very happy.

  • Sharing food, football and great (no political) conversation with long time friends. And the Cowboys win didn’t hurt either.

  • Unseasonably warm weather that has allowed me to do fall yard work in shorts. Although I am concerned about global warming, this little treat before winter comes (and it will come) is much appreciated.

  • I bought new potting soil in preparation of seed planting come January. The reminder that Spring does come and life renews itself is much need right now.

  • This.  

A Nutella “burger” at McDonalds.
I have never eaten a burger at McDonald's but that could change.
It is only available in Italy right now.
I have never been to Italy. But that could change too.

Life is a little scary right now but life is also amazing. Don't forget the amazing.


  1. Don't forget the amazing... thanks for that reminder, 8. It's all overwhelming.

    1. Nature is usually my antidote to all the negative. When overwhelmed it helps to get away from people (and their opinions) and go out and smell the roses. Or the rain soaked leaves : )

  2. "don't forget the amazing"
    ah, love. you're wondrous & part of the amazing.

  3. Echoing the chorus: don't forget the amazing! Seeking it out, wallowing in it when it is found.

    Nutella burger? Wow...though allergies would give me pause, the itching would be worth it. :-)

  4. i believe americans will get off the fence and rise against racism and other isms that divide and harm.
    meanwhile, i'm amazed. i am. and i'm glad you are too.


    1. I hope you are right. I do believe that the sun always rises after the darkness. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  5. You have raised wonderful daughters! Lovely post and thank you. I need to use our climate change strangely warm weather to do some yard work, also.

    Also, please don't eat Nutella burgers! Google "Nutella orangatangs" for more info. Basically palm oil is leading to their extinction. I know - Nutella is good. But orangatangs - wildlife diversity - Jane Goodall - you and me and your daughters and my daughter - better!

    Keep on keeping on. So may we all!

    1. I am a steward of the environment myself and took your comment very seriously. I also found this:

      Thanks in large part to fierce protest on the part of consumers concerned with non-sustainable palm oil, the food giant Ferrero has announced that it will be obtaining 100% of its palm oil from traceable segregated, RSPO-certified sources by the end of 2014, a full year ahead of its previously announced schedule.

      Still, I will do further research before I buy another jar. And I am seriously reading the labels for all the other food and products I use. Thanks for the education!

  6. I'm glad you looked it up and found that out! My daughter will be very happy to know she can eat Nutella again. We are both stewards, as you say. In the larger picture, yes... palm oil... orangatangs... so many things... so heartbreaking. I have... as probably so many do right now... a deep sadness and worry with me all the time now. It was there before... but now.... with the election... it is... loud and constant. Sigh.