Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Full of Grace

1. The deck is done, furniture assembled and I finally got to relax and enjoy it.  A full post, with pictures, will be coming.

2. I snagged tickets to this. Yeah, I'm not too excited.

3. I threw a few handfuls of wildflower seeds along a side of the house which is unused and this magically appeared!

4. The Tony awards which was proof, again, of just how wonderful diversity can be.

5. Lastly, it's been a difficult week hasn’t it? The Stanford rape case and the Orlando massacre, with countless other tragedies in between? While I have followed these cases, I do not allow myself wallow in the constant news feeds that hit my inbox. It is all too much for me and I'm, not going to reiterate thoughts and feelings already posted by many, many others. I’m sure you can all imagine how I feel.
What I am thankful for though is that people can heal from these traumatic events. While I am not exactly the poster child for how to go about healing (hint: don’t wait years to get some professional help) I do think I can stand as an example that healing can occur. Not only for me but for the woman in the Stanford case who is already light years ahead of where I was (or perhaps will ever be) and for all women who have ever experienced the trauma of rape. There is hope and there is healing. And for that I am immensely grateful.


  1. I may try that wildflower gambit next season.
    There certainly isn't any shortage of bad, distressing, absolutely non-sensical news. ::sigh::

    Here's to healing.

    Congrats on getting the deck done.

    1. These were Burpee perennial wildflower seeds planted last year. I am wildly excited that they will return year after year without me doing anything at all. (my kind of gardening : )

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2016

    You seed bombed yourself. Well done!

    1. I actually planted these seeds last year and only a few came up. What I didn't realize were that they were perennial seeds and this was a total surprise!

  3. I see those wildflowers as a symbol of hope.

  4. Nice when you are surprised by what reappears from year to year. We (and I mean Mary) planted overgrowths from a friend's beds along the side and our front and they were meager last year and strong and hearty this year... Sometimes it takes a while to get firmly seeded and comfy...

    Glad the deck is done. We actually spent the afternoon on our patio and an evening in front of the firepit... It was wonderful...

    I know you will be excited to see Cate!

  5. i'll be trying that wildflower garden also. this is a happy post. i like xo


  6. Yes, a very difficult week.

    I'm envious that you got the wildflowers to grow. I tried the same thing and nothing.

  7. Cheers to you, 8, on finishing the deck. Here's to enjoying it!
    The wildflowers are gorgeous. And, so carefree - what's not to love?
    Tragedy and resilience. That's something to ponder. Disengaging from the 24 hour news cycle is healthy.
    Best for last: You and Cate. THIS is happy news!